The Belushis

The Belushis


Sweat Rock


Imagine a freight train loaded with 5 tonnes of explosives, 3 tonnes of liquor, and 4 tonnes of guitar amplifiers barreling towards the S-curve and you have a hint of the band known as the Belushis. In print they have been compared to the Stooges and MC5 but the band members would also tip their influence caps to fellow Canadian rockers Tricky Woo, and C’mon. From the very first show they have drawn out the party animal in audiences at every venue, provoking and instigating them into a sweat filled frenzy. Reserved, quiet, and calm are not words associated with this band or their audience. Frantic, hot, and wild is the scene.
The Belushis released a debut album Rich in Broken Glass to glowing praise in spring of 2005. The album captures the energy of their live show, recorded live off the floor with no overdubs. Still gaining momentum, the Belushis released a follow-up album entitled Thunderballs in January 2007. The new album features all four band members as vocalists and continues the songwriting tradition with songs about women, drinking, rocking, and bringing down the establishment. The group continues to tour extensively in Western Canada, with tours scheduled for Eastern Canada and the US in 2007.
The explosive live show and strong recordings have led to the Belushis being paired with some of the best touring and local acts on the road today, including; The Bellrays (Alternative Tentacles/Crucial Gesture), the Atomic Bitchwax (Meteor City), Valis (ex- Screaming Trees, Small Stone/Man’s Ruin/Lunasound), The Beladeans (La-Ti-Da), the Ladies and Gentlemen (Boompa), Rich Hope and His Evil Doers (Maximum Music Group), the Neckers (Sloth), and Midnight Dragons (ex- Spitfires, John Ford).
The band has been the topic of much critical praise, and has enjoyed chart appearances on several Canadian campus and community radio stations. Some of the best press quotations can be found on the backside, and you can always keep up to date on the Belushis by visiting


Thunderballs (2007)
Rich in Broken Glass (2005

Set List

We have material for up to 3 40minute sets.
The material is 90% original with covers of bands like the MC5, Stooges, Turbonegro and beyond.