The Bembol Rockers

The Bembol Rockers


Jumpin, thumpin, swingin' all the way from the fifties, all the way from the Philippines. Get ready to rock on the dance floor all night long with our one-of-a-kind mix of rockabilly, jump blues, swing, doo-wop, latin and Filipino kundiman music. The good times are here, ladies and gents!


The band was formed to re-introduce the fun music and lifestyle of the 50s The band wishes to promote and share good, fun music with everyone. It's music that is enjoyed by parents and kids alike, by families and groups of friends, by college students, young professionals, and retirees. Aside from the promoting 50s music and lifestyle, the band aims to UNITE people through this kind of music, to let everyone just have a grand old time. The band members' vast experience in the Philippine music scene helped bring about the high quality of artistry in the band's music. With experience with jazz, samba, punk, ska, among other genres, the band members have combined their skills to come up with a distinct sound, which is Bembol Rockers music. With trademark out-of-the-fifties outfit and onstage antics, the Bembol Rockers will definitely rock you all night long!


The Fabulous Bembol Rockers - independent release, September 2008

radio airplay on Philippine radio

Set List

1-2 sets of 45 minutes each.

Set list includes a mix of instrumentals, slow love songs, and upbeat dance music--50s style!

Originals from the album are played, as well as the following covers (partial list):

Fly Me to the Moon
Come Fly with Me
They Can’t Take That Away From Me
Stormy Weather
Beyond the Sea
Mack the Knife
Something’s Gotta Give
Route 66

Viva Las Vegas
All Shook Up
Mystery Train
Blue Suede Shoes
Jailhouse Rock
That’s All Right Mama
Devil in Disguise

Mambo #5
Mambo #8
Mambo Swing
Wannabe Just Like You
Morning Light
Baile Para Qui

In the Mood
Jump Jive n’ Wail
Big Time Operator
I Want You to Be My Baby
Black Slacks
Rock Around the Clock
See You Later Alligator
Tenor Madness

We Belong Together
Life Could be a Dream (Shboom)
Earth Angel
Blue Moon
Oh Donna
Come on Let’s Go
I Won’t Stand In You Way
My Heart’s Desire
What’s Your Name
Come on Go with Me