Ben Barr and the Ben Barrs

Ben Barr and the Ben Barrs


We play hard folk rock, or at least we think that's what we play. Nobody's been able to tell us, and that's all to the good. We like to make you cheer, like to make you dance, like to make you cry and like to send you home with a good story. The performance isn't a means to an end; it is the end.


The Ben Barrs are a group of musicians, singer-songwriters all, that have united behind a unique sound and some truly compelling songs. We like to trick you with a wink and a smile so that you don't realize how hard we're tugging at your heartstrings- and sometimes we even pull that off.
Live shows, for us, are not a means to the end; they are the end. We've little interest in selling you cd's at shows, and none at all in selling you t-shirts. We try pretty hard to sell you a memory; a night where we all became part of something good; but we get paid in smile and dance. That's pretty good, we think. Of course, we try pretty hard to sell you beer, too; but that's effortless really.
We play songs that we hope are clever, are honest, are sometimes funny and sometimes heartbreaking. Mostly, though, we play songs to turn your head; we play songs to wake you up and get you moving.
We've all been playing music for a long time, and have been taking it in for much longer. Collectively we've seen a thousand shows and played hundreds; we've been the bored guy at the bar and we've been the shouting fan in the front row and we've tried to develop a live show that will turn the one into the other. We've developed an aversion to the typical self-absorbed band shtick and try hard to make every show fun; and meaningful.
What can we say? We try to keep you having so much fun that you don't see us stealing your heart.


We got nothin. Once we've conquered the live scene, we'll worry about cd's.

Set List

We've played all sorts of shows, and have a set to match. We can play a four-hour set of mixed covers and originals, full of great highs and lows, or a blistering 45 that we've honed to a sharp knife. Follows is our complete setlist; we pull from it as occasion demands.

Original Music:

Winter Girls
Gun or Knife
Posters of Bands
The Run
In The End A Beginning
A Jubilant Song of Elevation
Escape Artistes
Lady Luck

Covers: (song first, then band)

Friend is a Four Letter Word (Cake)
99 Red Balloons (Nena)
Losing My Religion (REM)
Bust A Move (Young MC)
The Promise (When In Rome)
Last Dance With Mary Jane (Tom Petty)
Yonder Hill (Irish Traditional)
Dirty Old Town (The Pogues)
I Was Meant For The Stage (The Decemberists)
Outfit (Drive By Truckers)
Whiskey in the Jar (Traditional)
Ignition (R. Kelly)
Fade Into You (Mazzy Star)
Every Rose Has It's Thorn (Poison)
California (Luna)