The Benedict Affair

The Benedict Affair


The Benedict Affair plays a passionate, energetic live show yet also includes the audience in the show with their friendly, comedic stage presence. Most importantly TBA stays true to themselves, their Christian faith and their goal to write quality, original music that's uplifting and positive.

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A Breath of Fresh Air (EP)- 2005
Longfellow Square (LP)-2006
Not Plugged In (Acoustic EP)- 2007
With More Class (LP)- May 2008

Set List

Friends For Never
Shoot First, Ask Questions Later
This Song Won’t Change Your Life
And of Course
Wesley, Pay Attention
From Struggle to Snuggle
Dodge This
I’d Be More Apathetic If I Wasn’t So Lethargic
10 Ways to [Insert Insult Here]
The Biography of Nickel Beckman
Thank You for Coming
Holdin’ It Down
Roy G. Biv
Sincerely Yours,
Bar None
Clock Radio
Time Out! Time Out!
Mediocre at Best
Oprah Says
Two Weeks Notice
Shelf Life
Blockade Runner
My Hat’s On For Sue
Exit Only
Dear Old Friend
Next Big Thing
Dancing Queen
As Long As You Love Me
Happy Birthday (Punk Version)
*30 Total
**These are all possible songs we could play at a show. Our typical set list ranges between 8-10 songs for a 45-60 minute set although we've play sets up to two hours long.