The Benways

The Benways


Coming off of a short hiatus, The Benways are taking off where former band Three Percent left. Rockin, Funkin, Bluegrass, Trace. High energy shows, improv jams and a party atmosphere is what The Benways have to offer.


Behind the release of their self titled EP in the fall of ’06, The Benways have steadily built a legion of fans all throughout the northeast. The band's unique songwriting and powerful dance-grooves entertained a sold-out Bills Bar on Boston’s famed Lansdowne St. this past New Years Eve.

The spring and summer of '07 have shown to be extremely succesful for the high energy Benways, sharing the stage with RAQ, Spiritual Rez and The Indobox at Bostons famed Paradise Rock Club. The band played several acoustic gigs this summer at the Bank of America Pavilion VIP tent with the likes of Bob Weir & Ratdog, Keller Williams and Widespread Panic headlining the main stage.

The Benways are a collaborative group of musicians and artists from the Boston area. The group revolves around former members of the band Three Percent; Ricky Ginsburg, Todd Rourke and Dan Dronseiko. Currently joining the three is drummer Trevor Walker. Former collaborators include Pete Pidgeon (Blue Man Group), Ian Evans(Royal Sound) and Aaron Jackson. Collectively these musicians bring a wealth of talent and experience to the stage. The music draws inspiration from many genres including classic rock, R&B, funk, psychadelia, and good old rootsy country rock. Improvisation always plays a major part in every live performance which makes for a unique experience each night. The band is well known for it's original approach to performing and their ablity to throw a party. Though leaning on years of experience the group is still in it's infant stages and relies heavily on the audience to help them shape this thing that will become The Benways. Please help support local artist and the local music scene. It is vitally important that you all make the effort to show some love for the little people. Word of mouth is the most powerful form of advertising so we are counting you to spread the word. See you at the shows!



A Piece of You

Written By: Rick Ginsburg

A piece of you in my pocket
A piece of you in my mind
My heart beats I can't stop it
My soul is something I can't find

My feet move for tomorrow
My feet move for today
My feet move for tomorrow
I just can't take another day without you.

A piece of you in the ocean
A piece of you in the sand
The tide moves I can's stop it
The swell is drifting in my hand

I say a prayer for tomorrow
I say a prayer for today
I say a prayer for tomorrow
I just can't take another day without you.


Three Percent- Cobblestone Interstate
Three Percent- Inflation
The Benways- Self Titled EP

Set List

Our Setlists change every show!
Not one show is the same from the last.

Back Of The House
How I Think
Plannin A Trap
A Piece Of You
The Same Stars
In My Dreams
The Flight
Water on the Moon
It's Time

Don't Do It
Shakedown Street
Walk of Life

The band can play anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours.