The Besnard Lakes

The Besnard Lakes


A slightly progressive psychedelic pop ghost rock group.


"…gushes and swirls of noise with wind that builds into this awesome wall of mush and fuzz Guitars, bass and quiet drums penetrate these walls of captivating noise providing a big fluffy cloud of hums, tones and delayed harmony…ambient to noise-pop to upbeat head bopping stuff…mellow organ keyboard lines that sound like they are coming from millions of light years away somewhere in the depths of outer space…" "never mind post-rock, this is ghost rock…" "…the first full colour gatefold LP on a Canadian independent release I have seen in a very long time (if ever). A truly beautiful release from nowhere." "…one of the city's [Montreal] best kept secrets…hip to all things my Bloody Valentine, Swervedriver, Brian Wilson ...the occasional nod to some angular post-punk." "...could easily be the soundtrack for a David Lynch movie…" "...should please those who like the tangential punchiness of early Eno…" "Epic indeed." (quotes: Earshot, FFWD, Eye Weekly, Mirror,, Coast.)

As the story goes, the spy comes to town to perform for disillusioned and future novelists. Apparently he's quite terrible...Watch the mysterious Besnard Lakes perform material from their critically acclaimed and highly conceptual psychedelic progressive 'ghost rock' album entitled 'Volume I.' Expect one of the loudest and most sonically coloured performances around. A 4-6 piece band consisting of sometimes 3 guitars (Hiwatt and Garnet powered), bass (Ampeg powered), Drums (Slingerland powered), organs (Hammond S-6 tube organ), synths (Juno 60), ambience (2001: A Space Odyssey) and of course, male and female vocals (powered by marriage). Wear your earplugs and close your eyes.
-Breakglass, 2004.

Formed in 2000, TheBesnardLakes performed two small shows in Montréal at the Casa Del Popolo: one show opening for 1-Speed Bike and Snailhouse for the 2001 Bookmobile project fundraiser, and another opening for The Potomac Accord. After losing the final incarnation of the band to various reasons (Ph.d’s, etc.), Olga and her husband Jace decided to abandon the art of band rehearsal and make an album, just the two of them, in the comfort of their own studio (Breakglass Inc.). The result is ‘Volume I,’ and sees Olga and Jace sharing duties on this record: guitars, basses, organs, Fender Rhodes, synthesizers, drums, saxophone, flute, vocals, reverbs, delays, recording and mixing. Recording commenced in June 2002 and continued through to November.

The album was completed in December 2002, when it was sent to JJ Golden for mastering. Vinyl was pressed at Record Technologies Inc. All large format camera photos on album taken by Jace (BFA in photography, ECIAD, Vancouver), lighting on interior shot by Phillipe Blanchard; print design assisted by Todd Stewart ( All printing was completed in Montréal; all assembly by Olga and Jace. Distributed exclusively by Scratch Records, Vancouver, Canada. Release date is August 26, 2003 in Canada, October 14, 2003 in USA and the world.

TheBesnardLakes ‘Volume I’ is a concept album whether you like that or not.


TheBesnardLakes-Volume I-full length CD/LP

TheBesnardLakes-Life Rarely Begins With Tungsten Film #2 EP-Seven Inch EP.

Volume I is streaming at

Much airplay on Canadian college radio.

Set List

This Thing
For Spy Turned Musician
Skyscraper Girls
You've Got To Want To Be A Star
Life Rarely Begins With Tungsten Film #1

set duration 35-40 Minutes