The Best Response

The Best Response


Rock, Alt Rock, Original, and Clever. Somewhere between Incubus and Linkin Park. You listen, you decide.


The arrival of 2009 brings new excitement and challenges ahead for the band The Best Response,(formerly Redline Defiance). The long anticipated release of the band's second album, “A Moment before the White,” is now making its debut. The maturity and growth of The Best Response, as artist, is self evident in this new release. The band has laid a solid foundation and built strong personal bonds amongst themselves. This chemistry is apparent through their music and live performances. The album “A Moment before the White” takes a large step forward in the bands ongoing development. The music is heavy, tight, and has a razor sharp edge. In simple terms, this band just “Brings It”!!!
Their debut album, “Last of the Cellophane", sold more then 2,500 copies in Colorado alone, charted in the top 20 Soundscan sales for 10 consecutive weeks and in the top 100 overall sales for the year. “A Moment before the White” is expected to excel far beyond their first album's previous success. The Best Response will open some eyes and capture your attention in 2008.
By taking the next step, The Best Response faces new heights in taking their music to the next level and mainstream acceptance. These challenges are the desire that drives the band towards excellence. Mike Kellogg (lead singer/guitar) knows more then most people about life's challenges. Mike is a survivor of the Sept. 23rd 1999 Columbine High School massacre in Little ton, CO. Although Mike lost friends on that never to be forgotten day, the experience has strengthened his character and given him resolve to appreciate and live life to the fullest. He brings a powerful message delivered through his musical lyrics.
The best Response(RLD) has gained interest recently from many large corporate entertainment companies. ESPN opened a slot for them on the January 2007 Winter X-Games held in Aspen, CO. The ABC national TV network expressed interest in The Best Response(RLD) about using track 12 of the debut album “Last of the Cellophane” titled “Not a Worry” for a nation wide TV promotion. Also, MTV contracted with Redline Defiance to use the entire CD on Denver Real World for fall of 2006. Redline Defiance also scored another deal using track 1 “Big Show” from the debut album with "Altitude", a regional sports and entertainment channel. The commercial advertisement was used to promote Altitudes NBA and NHL broadcast.
Consistently selling out shows across the Colorado front-range, The Best Response(RLD) caught interest with Kevin Lyman in 2005 when they were offered a slot on the Van’s warped tour. They also headlined a “SOLD OUT” show in 2006 at hometown venue Red Rocks Amphitheater in Denver, CO. The Best Response(RLD) has also played with many national acts performing in Colorado over the past couple of years. The band looks forward to touring in 2008 to support their new release “A Moment before the White”. We hope you enjoy the new release and look forward to hearing from you in the near future. Best wishes always.


1st LP "Last of the Cellophane"
2nd EP "A Moment Before the White"
Yes- Can listen & download at our website or myspace.
Played often on 93.3 Locals Only & various college and Indy stations.

Set List

Our set list constantly changes from show to show.
We have 30+ original song and throw in 1-3 covers from time to time. Depends what the band feels like playing. We usually play a 90-100 minute set, but can play 120 if needed.