The Best Revenge

The Best Revenge



Hey there friend,

Lemme tell you about a scrappy little punk band from New Westminster called The Best Revenge. They specialize in a certain brand of fist-pumping, floor-thumping, bone-bruising rock and roll that most people thought died out when the hipsters crashed the party.
They’ve got a wild dude by the name of Maxim Patrich on drums who thrashes out his white-knuckle rhythms with such force you’d swear he’s just a ball of pure kinetic energy. Evan Joel holds down the bass in a way that makes you think he was born with it in his hands while the mad man of the microphone, Pearce Donnelly, plays the guitar like he’s challenged it to a knife-fight in a dark alley. It’s as though The Clash time-traveled into the future and through some fantastic accident swapped souls with The Hives. Seriously.
But they’re no one trick pony. From the gutter-disco anthem “She Talks to Ghosts” to the new-wave croon of “Letter From Japan” to the suicidal call to arms of “Young Nihilists’ Gun Club”, The Best Revenge have got more variety in their catalogue than a con-man’s got sob stories.
And they’ve brought the raucous energy they honed in house-parties and high-school shows to the best of Vancouver’s intimate venues. Whether it’s The Roxy or The Biltmore, The Railway or the Media Club, these three men come with nothing but their instruments and leave a crowd full of converts and a sweaty stage.
They’re the answer to an empty Saturday night, the one-finger salute to the working week. They’re the antidote to the dull machine, the computer screen, the same old scene. They are The Best Revenge.


Harlot and Letters From Japan can be heard at