The Better Death
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The Better Death

Dallas, Texas, United States | INDIE

Dallas, Texas, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Alternative


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"The Better Death- Self Titled"

LIT Monthly (Nov. 2009)
The Better Death- Self Titled
A refreshing drink of rock propulsion is the best way to describe the Dallas band’s enigmatic debut album. Stops, starts, switchbacks, injections of mood, tempo and cadence tattoo the six tracks that lead you down a path that splinters into a dozen directions. That’s why I’m keen on TBD, it departs from the mundane, predictable ramma jamma on today’s metal scene and it utilizes sonic imagery, deft musicianship and savvy album navigation. It doesn’t take long to experience the exaggerated bass tracks that frame the sound, reminding Navajo somewhat of Chris Squires (the band Yes, circa 1969). Sean Dailey’s wall to wall vocals backed by the triad of Ed McMahon on guitar, Ricky Wolking on bass and Danny Handler on drums emit solid, unpredictable, rock strata- all captured at Do For It Records in Denton. Influences include Mars Volta and Jane’s Addiction, but they cop their own persona, wielding up-tempo guitars, sledgehammer bass and precise percussive interludes. Navajo says spin this record and make plans to see the band at Trees on November 11th. Slimscale rates this hot property at 7.5. (Navajo Slim)
- LIT Monthly

"The Better Death"

The Stash Dauber
Rants of an unreconstructed music geek
Sunday, November 22, 2009
The Better Death
What happens when sophisto musos go heavy? One possible answer: The Better Death. These four coalesced in 2006 with a mind toward creating a technically challenging rock music. Bassist Ricky Wolking and drummer Danny Handler play complex, ever-shifting time signatures with steely, virtuosic precision, while guitarist Ed McMahon (Ten Hands, Hochimen) alternately jangles, blazes, and skronks, and over-the-top vocalist Sean Dailey's contributions run the full gamut from gutteral snarls to operatic wails. Their proximate models include Mars Volta, Faith No More, Rage Against the Machine, King Crimson -- or maybe just Yes with balls.

Their self-titled CD bursts out of the gate at a gallop with the "Flight of the Bumble Bee"-like flurry of notes that opens "Message To Your Rival." When these guys namecheck Bach, Chopin, and Paganini, they mean it; this is the smartest take on Nu Metal that you'll ever hear. "Versus" alternates ethereal intervals with passages of pounding passion, over which Dailey howls emotively, before giving way to a loping urban beat that segues smoothly into the celestial-sounding chords of "Willow." After the opening atmospherics, that tune locks into a mutated funk groove worthy of '80s Crimson. "Devoted Like Flies" rages with math-y rigor, with McMahon exploring the same fields of noisy atonality as Dr. Morello. The tour de force here is the six-minute-plus "La Muerto Mejor," which winds its way through several shifts of mood and motif, a proggy concerto of existential angst.

The Better Death's achievement on this short (24 minutes) debut disc is considerable. One can't help but wonder, though, whether they're not being too clever for their intended audience. Film, as they say, at 11.
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The Better Death EP (9/2009)



"ROCKS LIKE L7 WITHOUT THE VAGINAS" - justin timberlake

Along the perimeter of modernist salvation, a quartet fresh with mud from the banks of generations
past forged a musical ethos known only as The Better Death. As their underground mutates as an
honest and unapologetic score to the soundtrack of life, their surface holds personal vindication to
such a culture.

Performance is a platform for delivery and absolution, with challenging compositions
for the sake of the soul and ultimately to entangle the listener equally in purpose and awe.

The memory of their former selves eroded around 2006, in a small Ft. Worth housing development
where neighbors Ricky Wolking (bass) and Danny Handler (drums) started hammering out grooves
that tested their ability, times infinity. Danny’s friend and fellow UNT grad Ed McMahon (guitar) joined
the duo soon there after, adding yet another musical mind to the monster. Ricky called on Sean Dailey
(vocals) to jump in and find melody amid the complex structures. It was gratifyingly obnoxious as the
ongoing experiment eclipsed all previous musical notions. There would be nothing standard about it.
How do you feel about leaving this earth at this very moment? Will you have lived a better life?
Taking an oath and leaving blood on the floor, electrified.

A Texas buzz going down in PASTE Magazine's Best Music Scene of 2008, "Denton, Texas is simply the
paradigm of a healthy music community". When the established and eclectic music collective Do For
It Records came calling, it immediately became home and a launching pad for 2009.
Their self-titled debut plays to the listener. You simply won’t know what’s coming next. A memento to
Jane’s Addiction and Bruce Lee, of Bjork and Evel Knievel, of Radiohead and Ralph Waldo Emerson; In
the spirit of Mike Patton, The Flaming Lips, The Mars Volta and Pablo Picasso. The adopted philosophy
of "as a well-spent day brings happy sleep, so life well used brings a happy death" (Leonardo da
Vinci) fuels their intense efforts to play outside themselves. Like their hooded high wire walker icon it
was time to step out into the open, blind to their approach and balance the long thin line that
separates us all from doing what we really want to do.