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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Author of Prayer and the Art of Volkswagen Maintenance, and Blue Like Jazz"

“theBetween manages that difficult task of bringing melody to complicated themes. This is driving music, the sort of sound that makes the miles go quicker. A remarkable start for an obviously talented duo."

- Don Miller


“Their profound presence on stage demonstrates their amazing musical talent, and they are sure to entertain and reach the masses"

(July 2003, theBetween was voted by a panel of critics as Busker Rendezvous’ “Best Musical Performers”, and entertained on the main stage in Kingston in front of five thousand people).

- Busker Rendezvous Festival

"Corporate Entertainer"

“theBetween is one of the hardest working music acts I have witnessed in the past five years. Denis and Rob really WORK to make every show a one of a kind, and dare I say magical experience. Highly Recommended!”

- Bill Abbott

"Central Canadian Board Representative"

“Robin Carter and Denis Gauthier are two inspiring individuals with extraordinary talent. Their synchronized rhythm on stage, their promotional material, and their new album “so I may have changed” are important signs which show me that these guys are serious about moving forward in their career together. They love sharing their life stories through vibrant and harmonic means, to people of all ages. Working with theBetween has been a very worthwhile and rewarding experience.”

- Jason Dunbar


theBetweens first album "live studio 12/12/02" recieved great reviews from a wide target audience as a re-creation of their live show. "Waste Our Time", a single from 12/12/02 has won various radio competitions.

the latest release from the duo is called "So I May Have Changed". Heavy harmnonies and very catchy songs have alredy won over a large audience.


Feeling a bit camera shy


theBetween steps out onto the stage and straps on their acoustic guitars. Two young men and that’s it. The crowd slows down slightly and wonders what these two men have in store for the evening. A brief introduction and theBetween jumps into an up tempo foot-tapping, head-nodding song that defies the fact that there are only two people on stage. An engaging, truthful, powerful performance follows for the remainder of the evening.
This duo is the very definition of the word “entertainment”. theBetween has formed from the musical and life experiences of Rob Carter and Denis Gauthier, with one goal in mind: to reach the masses with their music. It has been said that theBetween performs with all the grace and precision of one person, perfectly balancing lead and rhythm guitars, and singing harmonies. As the night wears on, the duo exemplifies diversity by effortlessly moving through classic covers and breathtaking originals to add more texture to the evening.
Storytellers, this team effectively use artful word and song to touch the audience and leave them with an impression that never leaves.
theBetween have recorded two albums, both of them drawing beautiful songs of life, weaving tales of hope and love, struggles and pain . The album, titled Live Studio 12/12/02 was a successful attempt to recreate their live feel on record, and received excellent reviews from a wide target audience. Their latest album “So I May Have Changed” is more of a studio effort but hasn’t strayed from their live roots. Greeted warmly, Rob and Denis have made their way into the lives of many College and University students sharing with them their songs and stories of life.
Always working on the next project, the duo plan on another studio album that will be sure to wow their audience with powerful harmonies and catchy lyrics that leave the listener wanting more.