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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Portrait: The bianca Story"

"...makes it clear that: The freethinking rock music of TbS combined with danceable elements is in line with the trend...
...There are still a few months to go until the new CD is on the market. But it's worth waiting if you look at the previous songs..."

All reports in full length and in its original language can be viewed at - 20 minuten, 13/10/06


Although the band was only formed shortly, they display some amazing maturity. They have potential, that's for sure...
...their performance at the Bscene 06 demonstrated that - they convinced with a mix of rough Indy sounds and playful Pop outtakes -, they have left their beginnings way behind...
...When Elia Rediger sais that he doesn't know how long The bianca Story is going to be staying in Switzerland, it doesn't show arrogance but simply a sense of healthy attitude of the situation..."

All reports in full length and in its original language can be viewed at - Basler Zeitung, 10/05/06


"...The music goes into danceable areas, with a decent portion of bass and a focus on synths...
...acting authentically, being honest to yourself and taking hard decisions. But mostly: Enjoying life!
The new CD is out soon and is now being mastered at Metropolis Studios in London. It's worth listening to!"

All reports in full length and in its original language can be viewed at - Subculture, 04/06


"...The song "Paper Piano" has already been released as an appetizer for the upcoming album and strides with elegant nonchalance through the slowly fermenting wave-revival. "Paper Piano" gains enough air to breath in the hysterical rush of a steady indie scene. Mature achievement."

-Andreas Schneiter- - Basler Zeitung, 23/11/06

"Who’s the headliner?"

Rockers from Another Way devised a good strategy, when they made the
record release party free for everyone. But the best news was that
they brought the Swiss band "The bianca Story" as their support. They
contacted this prodigal band over myspace and booked a few shows
The club wasn’t even half-full, the audience at first looked at the
stage rather cautiously, but the captivating, uncompromising electro-
rock’n’roll of "The bianca Story" soon magnetized all the people
around. The beautiful chanteuse and a charismatic frontman never let
anyone pay attention to their beer. Their image was complemented by a
retro TV screen onstage. The frontman’s megaphone performance was
also part of the great show. If you are into Franz Ferdinand or the
Czech band Moimir Papalescu and the Nihilists, forget about both of
them and go for The bianca Story! - Rock&Pop (CZ), 4/07


Single: Paper Piano
(Played by radio stations from Switzerland to Germany to Slovenia)
Videoclip: Paper Piano
(Screened by Swiss television and international film festivals such as CAN in Leicester UK, Miskolc in Hungary and Balchik in Bulgary)
EP: I Decay
(Soundtrack for The bianca Story's first music film "I Decay". Including their new single "Tick Talk")



- European tours in May 2006, February/March 2007 and Septembre/Octobre 2007
- The song Paper Piano is being played on various radios from Switzerland to Slovenia
- The videoclip Paper Piano is being shown on TV and international film festivals
- They played at the biggest Swiss openair St.Gallen on June 30th 2007
- Headliners at the Swiss festivals bscene07 and JKF 07
- Release of their first music film "I Decay" in June 07

Their story is quite unique. Just founded, "The bianca Story" composed material for their first album and immediately went on tour in Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Hungary. After their single, "Paper Piano", was played on radio and the video-clip on television & international film festivals, this rising and innovative band rapidly has drawn a lot of attention to itself and has came to play 2000-people-venues.
The pace this five-membered band sets is awesome: in February and March 2007 The bianca Story completed their second successful tour. Soon they will be back on the road to continue what was just started. Further, their debut album will be released this year and a musical film is in the pipeline.

The five musicians met in Switzerland and have never forgotten that music is a global matter. Coming from various international backgrounds as well, they seem to have that open-minded focus the music market depends on.

Their musical influences are versatile and often point in antithetic directions, but the music never leaves its listener on his own.
It incorporates fragments of post-rock mixed with portions of new-wave, always trying to keep its simplicity to be understood. The sexiness of a harsh but danceable song, a sentimental voice and a charismatic band which stands for what they live. There is electro where it has to be electro, there is true, basic song-writing where such has to be:
for example the new single, "Paper Piano", a synthesis of Rock 'n Roll and New Wave based on danceable Indie-Pop, never leaves the tracks of a developed The bianca Story sound.
This sound can be heard on the dance floors between Berlin and London.

Or as MTW Head of Press, Matts Wappman puts it:
"The bianca Story is totally convincing with its individualistic style of music that can't be categorized. Purely fresh and long-lasting, this music rocks and transports the listener, and it's full of experimental facets. Its versatility and great artistic claim are very impressive!"

They can count on a rapidly growing fanbase between Budapest, Berlin and London.
Always ready to kick-off a stunning and moving live-show and reaching for more.