Bicycats, The

Bicycats, The


Charming folk/pop led by guitar, ukulele, and piano.


The Bicycats in their natural state, are just one guy -- Zachary Bernstein, who spent his college career majoring in screenwriting and playwriting. Live, he supplements his performance by switching between his guitar and ukulele (and a piano if there's one around...), singing original tunes with lyrics covering subject matter that might remind you of The Kinks, They Might Be Giants, Neil Innes or Tom Lehrer. The music strives to squeeze in the occasional jazz chord or melodic hook or harpsichord part or banjo solo or lead vocal part sung by an ex-girlfriend, but ultimately the music of The Bicycats are folk songs intended to provoke the listener to nod his or her head in agreement. Indeed, Bernstein cares more about the well-being, comfort and enjoyment of his audience than he does of himself.

The Bicycats have been touring around the United States consistently since the release of their debut album "I Love You For Your Mind", self-produced in Rochester, New York, in the basement of a house that often flooded. Touring has been fun and marginally profitable, which, in the Book of Bicycat, is a good combination.

In the summer of 2008, The Bicycats released their second album, entitled "How Could You?".


"How Could You?" (2008)

"I Love you For Your Mind" (2006)

'Every Time We Say Goodbye (Not A Cole Porter Song)' has been featured on NPR's Open-Mic program.

Set List

The typical set list for The Bicycats can range from 30 minutes to one hour. It would usually include twelve to fifteen songs. Covers are rare. These are the songs I tend to include in most performances (in no particular order):

1. "My Heart Belongs To Dixie"
2. "Salad Van"
3. "Shark Family Orchestra"
4. "The Way People Think"
5. "Every Time We Say Goodbye (Not A Cole Porter Song)"
6. "Italian Meal"
7. "The Ferris Wheel Was Melting"
8. "Very Subtle Moustache"
9. "Engineer of Trains"
10. "The Diamond Song"
11. "A Little"
12. "You Never Kill Spiders For Me Anymore"
13. "Free Bird"

Covers have included "The Crying Game" by Boy George and "Every Time We Say Goodbye" by Cole Porter.

Other original songs (in no order):

1. Melody
2. The Roof of the Chapel
3. (When You) Let Me Touch You
4. Living Situation
5. Easy Street
6. Ordinary Vortex
7. In Love
8. I Left My Heart In Rochester
9. Slow Dance
10. Dance The Night Away
11. Amy Wolfe Is A Movie Star