The Big Big Bucks

The Big Big Bucks


"The Big Big Bucks blend the anvil-heavy blues rock of early Zeppelin with the melodicism of classic pop in a sod-off punk-rock sorta way that would make Kurt Cobain proud." -Boston Phoenix


The Big Big Bucks formed as a three piece band of Chris, Joey and Tuck in 2005, then added a fourth member, Ian later that year. Since the initial couple practices in Tuck's bedroom in Lowell, MA, the quartet have been writing, recording, playing shows, quitting jobs and ignoring all sorts of responsibilities.

Initially taking a “more is more” stance, The Bucks were known to be playing somewhere in the greater Boston area almost once a week for the first couple years. In 2006 they recorded the Rabbit Rabbit EP with Jack Younger (The Dead Trees, Eli “Paperboy” Reed) at Basement 247 Studios to local applause. The experience was so positive that the band began recording songs with Younger the following year, a slow-cooking process that would yield the forthcoming Crucial Schmooze LP. Performance-wise, things slowed down only in March 2009—the band’s first full month without a show—and only because drummer Mike Tucker was helping his friends and fellow Bostonians Pretty & Nice on a nationwide tour.

Consistently aggressive but itching with melody, Crucial Schmooze draws from camps like The Breeders, The Rentals, and Hot Snakes. These are twelve pop songs on a serious bender: raucous, self-assured, and begging to be played on your local dive-bar’s jukebox.


2010 :: Crucial Schmooze LP
1. Lemons and Limes (2:56)
2. Futurecar (3:10)
3. New Socks, New Sneaks (3:44)
4. Summer Bummer (3:23)
5. Do It or Diet (2:18)
6. Midwest Twister (2:14)
7. Two for You (3:02)
8. Be a Baby (2:16)
9. The Cat's In the Bag, the Bag's In the River (5:10)
10. Sweaty and Desperate (2:27)
11. Plug In Your Gun (2:29)
12. Loveseat (3:08)

2009 :: Be a Baby 7"
A. Be a Baby
B. Hold Up You're Ends Up

2007 :: Rabbit Rabbit EP
1. Formal Affair/Casual Dress (1:56)
2. We Eat Our Friends (4:45)
3. Arsenal Complements Wardrobe (4:14)
4. Free World Travel (3:34)
5. We're Well Trained/We Shoot From the Hip (3:04)

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