The Big Brother Show

The Big Brother Show


The Big Brother Show is like nothing else in this world. Big Brother plays the drums, guitar and sings all at the same time while a side show carries out chaos with pranks, silly string, trampolines and an industrial size bubble machine. The music has been described as rock/pop/blues.


The Big Brother Show started in the summer of 2004. The idea to be a one man band followed by a side show came in a vision. The vision told Big Brother that he was to become equivalent to a super hero. A real life man helping to fight the evils of the world with music and truth. BIg Brother and his strange company have been invading crowds and cities for years and they are just beginning their conquest.


BIG BROTHER: Released Feb 2005
BIG BROTHER 2nd cd entitled "Polishing The Weapons" Released in May 2006

Set List

45 -75 minutes, all originals.