The Big Creak

The Big Creak


The Big Creak is an original alternative rock band from Columbus, Ohio who has worked with producer David Ivory and established a large following through live events.


Notable work in 2002:
- 4-02 Website release of "You‚ve Been Seeing Him" live video (shot 3-01-02, Columbus, OH)
- 3-02 Jim and Aaron attended the South by Southwest music conference, Austin, TX
- 3-02 New Three Song Demo released
- 3-02 Raised almost $800 for Columbus‚s WCBE (90.5fm) by organizing/performing a benefit show
- 2-02 "Sick" featured on Millenium Music Conference compilation CD; The Big Creak performs a showcase at the conference in Harrisburg, PA
- 1-02 Band unveils all-new website, featuring a new look, fans page, unreleased music, and many more regularly updated features

Other Accomplishments:
- Recorded the song "Sick" with producer David Ivory in Philadelphia, PA (credits include The Roots, Erykah Badu, Patti Labelle)
- Has shared the stage with touring acts Wilco, Moxy Fruvous, Atomic Fireballs, Ekoostik Hookah, Plum
- Performed three consecutive years at Ohio's largest fundraising event (BGSU Dance Marathon)
- "Smart" selected as one of the best Columbus-based original songs of 2001 by The Other Paper, Columbus, OH
- Receiving regular airplay on Columbus stations such as WOBN, CD101, WCBE, 99.7 The Blitz, and other Ohio stations such as WKSR, WFAL, WBGU, and various internet broadcasts
- Attended South by Southwest music conference, Austin, TX, in 2001
- Featured on Hits magazine's Wheels & Deals page in 2001


- Three-Song Demo 2002 (also used as CD single for "You‚ve Been Seeing Him" and "Falling Through")
- Makeshift Sessions, Volume 1, Sick 2001 (sophomore CD release)
- "Sick" CD single, 2001
- "Ask You Again" "Ripe Decisions" cassette single 1999
- This One 1999 (full-length CD debut)

Set List

The Big Creak has more than enough material for near any length set. Typical and preffered set list is a 45 minute/hour set comprised of songs off of their second album and new 3 song demo.