The Big Deal

The Big Deal

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Funk meets Metal, flirts with Folk, grinds with Country, and finally one-night-stands good ole' fashioned Rock and Roll.


The Big Deal is what happens when Funk meets Metal, flirts with Folk, grinds with Country, and finally one-night-stands good ole' fashioned Rock and Roll. The genre-bending offspring from this musical promiscuity looks and sounds like a volcano gone supernova, pumping out dancerock grooves for the soul fueled by ambition and a refreshing lack of pretension. Well, maybe a little pretension; we are, after all, kind of a big deal.

The band formed in the summer of 2009 through a confluence of blood ties, social networking and craigslist ads. The Tormey brothers had been writing songs separately for a decade, Tim (bass) inspired by classic metal like Black Sabbath and Matt (guitar) by acoustic folk-rockers like Neil Young. Sibling rivalry was redefined when they decided to take a stab at each other's songs, but after much patient molding and brotherly name-calling they arrived at a unique middle ground. Matt's riffs and progressions set the emotional tone, while Tim's gift for song structure gave the songs powerful dynamics.

Around this time, David (drums) posted a craigslist ad looking to jam in the general vicinity of rock/funk/soul, and among all the metal and pop-punk-screamo bands that responded he found a sonic oasis in the Tormeys' demos. It was love at first jam; everything clicked.

Then Vanessa (vocals), a friend of a friend of a friend of the Tormeys, heard their music one night and jokingly/drunkenly told them they'd sound better if they had a female singer, only to be shocked when they agreed and offered her the gig. A country fan at heart, Vanessa had an instinct for melody and brought enthusiasm and style to the mix.

With a full lineup in place, the band's sound began to solidify and they got to work on building a setlist with a collaborative songwriting approach. Tim and Matt continued reaching in the vault to give old songs new life, Vanessa proved to be a creative lyricist with an ear for catchy hooks, and David began to layer vocal harmonies over his edgy grooves.


2009 - The Hype Machine Demo (4 tracks)
2010 - The Big Deal EP (4 tracks)

Set List

Broken Down
Hold On
Love You Down
Can't Be Here
Fear and Loathing
Mr. Right Now
Putting the C*nt in Country
Anger Me
Waking Life
The Honeymoon is Over

We have enough original material to perform sets up to 90 minutes, but have also played sets as short as 20 minutes. In longer sets we may include a cover or two, and we prefer to choose songs that are not commonly covered - our favourite is Diamonds and Rust, originally by Joan Baez then covered by Judas Priest; we find our groove somewhere in between.