The Big Diggity

The Big Diggity

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A Musical Gumbo with Neo-Soul with a sprinkle of hip-hop and a dash of jazzy flavor. 70's R&B in a millennium fashion. Delivering a feel good vibe with live instrumentation.


The Big Diggity

They are very different men, from very different walks of life, coming together to weave a musical tapestry
that reflects the sum of their life experiences. They are the Big Diggity.
Voted “Best Entourage” by the Courier-Journal’s Velocity magazine, the Big Diggity
is a neo-soul band that rolls deep with six instrumentalists and three vocalists.
From raw, unadulterated sexual passion, to the pain of broken relationships; from the disappointments of a
life gone wrong, to the hope of a better tomorrow; and from the angst of a father losing his child, to the
inevitability of one’s own death, Big Diggity’s lyrics touch the souls of its listeners and evoke such
overpowering feelings that the listener’s response is not only an emotional one, but a physical one, as well.
The Big Diggity’s powerful lyrics grasp people at the very core of who they are, who they’ve been, and
who they want to be – a perfect reflection of their diverse, and impressive, combined resumes.
From the very beginning, Louisville-based Big Diggity was a family affair. Guitarist Nathan
Buschmeyer and his bass playing brother, Sherman, explored the world of funk from the universe of the
jam band circuit. Versatility was ensured when the band added keyboardist, Woody, whose refined style
and knowledge stretches from Gershwin to Jimmy Smith, and percussionist Jake Englert, who studied
rhythm and composition in both Miami and Cuba under master musician Tomas Cruz and African phenom
Eric Gore.
From there, they fell deep into the realm of soul music and expanded their entourage with the additions of
saxophonist/vocalist Mauriece Hamilton, and rap vocalist Mr. Theo.
Hamilton brought a formal schooling in music, a studio ear and honeyed sax melodies to the group.
His credits include opening performances for greats such as the Indigo Girls, The Neville Brothers, Glenn Jones, Kirk Whalum and the Impressions. Mr. Theo, a Louisville-based rap lyricist with a deft sense of time and
space, delivers a high-octane dose of reality to the band’s rich, tight sound.
“. . . when Mr. Theo makes his appearance in a torrent of lyricism atop the subtle grooves, it’ll slap you in
the face for a second. That’s not to say it’s bad. Nor overtly profane. Just forceful.” (Louisville Eccentric
Observer (LEO))
The sexually charged, hypnotic grooves of the Big Diggity pull you in and wash over you like a warm,
ocean wave, encouraging you to float away and go with the flow. They’re a “steamy dance band,”
according to Jeffrey Lee Puckett of the Courier-Journal, but you’ll cheat yourself if you
don’t “dig in” a little further and listen closely because there’s much more to this band than danceable
According to KET’s Mixed Media, “When you sit back and listen to the neo-soul grooves of The Big Diggity, you are immersed in lyrical style and rhythmic collaborations. This Louisville band is all about balance: The music is a sweet mix of cutting-edge neo soul, a dash of hiphop, a smattering of old-school jams, saucy vocals, and flavorful, flowing beats.” A hidden treasure, the band’s lyrics are like a priceless, multi-faceted gem – full of metaphors and double
entendres – reflecting life back to the listener differently each time a song is heard. Sexuality and raw
emotion is the common thread of the music that brings people together, but the message of the music is
what makes it personal for every listener – that’s Big Diggity’s gift to you. Can you dig it?


Keep Livin'

Written By: The Big Diggity

Slow as the world turns, you live and you learn. You keep livin and breathing loving life on this earth. I'm here for a reason. I wasn't even thinking bout leaving. I'm a blessing in my momma's eyes. Disguise my hurt. When daddy died I gave up, didn't want to go on. What is it for me to live on knowing daddy was gone. Friends there, brother there, mother there for me. It wasn't nothing if I wasn't there for me. I got on my daddy's grave I laid I cried. I looked up at the sky and asked GOD why? And to forgive me. What have I done to deserve this? Lord Jesus my mom's looking shaky and kind of nervous. Breakdown, my brother's all teary eyed. A yo I've been seriously contemplating suicide. I can't deal with daddy gone, He left us all alone. He aint never coming home. But I gotta be strong for my momma.
At the age of 5. Thoughts of suicide cross my mind. Watching momma struggle to raise. Raised five boys, part time job with no pay. What is this put on me. You're the oldest your responsibility. That's what daddy said and gently touched my head and leaves. Momma and my 4 brothers in a one bed room above the club. Oh the weight of the world is on her shoulders. Looked at me and this is what she told us. He's better off dead.
2003 the phone ring my momma say. She asking me my homeboy's last name. I say carter, she said baby listen. Your best friend was killed over his mom's on Thanksgiving. I couldn't speak. I tried to tell Squeek. I had just seen Fat Man over Otis' last week. Hung up the phone Squeek asked me what's wrong. I just looked and stared and said Fat Man's gone. But this can't be true. Let me turn on the tube. I was ten minutes late for the ten o'clock news. Lord not my dude. Incoming calls kept coming. Sent most to the answering maching I couldn't say nothing. Nothing nobody can take my homeboy's place and nobody but his daughters got m homeboy's face. So lets face it, I'm a grown my showing feelings before my family and friends I gotta keep livin'.
So it's Sunday, I'm in church and I pray. On my knees all teary eyed. Lord please could you show me the way. So I make my way back home. With GOD's gift enough to carry on. Remembering how you used to be so cool. And I grew up to be just like you. Living out your dreams of playing on bandstands. Even got the same cuts on my right hand. And ooh you passed down the dimples the girls like. And for you I still ride those bikes. Momma had to raise to boys on her own. And to her I owe I'm grown. If it weren't for the love she was giving, I know that I wouldn't be livin'

Fly Away

Written By: The Big Diggity

Verse 1
On a lonely Road, On my way to West Virginia
I seen an old man sitting at the corner store
He looked troubled, as if the weight of the world was on his shoulders
When I approached, this is what he said to me
What's your name? My names Lamont and how you feeling
I seen better days could you sit and have a talk with me
As I sit down I didn't realize he was in trouble opened up and listened this is what he said to me
I lost my job I lost my wife I lost my son What's going on?
I lost my bed I lost my food I lost my home What's going on?
I'm all alone and I'm lonely, No one to call cause I'm homeless I got a gun and its loaded, ready to end it, Ready to end it yeah
Sometimes I wish I could fly, fly away
To a place with no worries just me and my blue skies
Sometimes I wish I could fly, fly away,
To a place with no worries, just me and my blue skies
Verse 2
Had a small house on the east side
Had a pretty wife she was so fine
A son named Joseph the last time I seen him he as 5 years old. If I'm not mistaken, I think he's 21 now
(and he said)
Hold your tears no need to cry things happen for a reason
Trust and believe your life has a purpose man
The old man stood up and put his hands down in his pocket
Turned to me and broke down this is what he said to me
I miss my job, I miss my wife I miss my son, What's going on?
I miss my bed, I miss my food, I miss my home My lovely home
I'm all alone and I'm lonely no one to call cause I'm homeless
I got my gun and its loaded ready to end it, ready to end it yeah
Sometimes I wish I could fly, fly away
To a place with no worries just me and my blue skies
Sometimes I wish I could fly, fly away,
To a place with no worries, just me and my blue skies
Oh yeah
Oh yeah
Looking at my situation
Trying to find a way out and thats a fact
Where are all of my friends no on around to help me out and thats a fact
A got my 45 and its loaded cocked back, no coming back
I put the pillow over my face, gun powder I can taste, Pull the trigger D.O.A.
Sometimes I wish I could fly, fly away
To a place with no worries just me and my blue skies
Sometimes I wish I could fly, fly away,
To a place with no worries, just me and my blue skies


Recordings include the Ride EP, The highly anticipated Dig In, Streaming audio available at , Streaming video available at
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The Big Diggity typically plays one 2.5 hour set. The sets consist of 95% original music. We do only a couple covers. Some of what you might here as a cover would be the Isley Brothers "Who's that lady", Curtis Mayfield's "Little Child", Bill Wither's "Use Me"