Milton Menasco & The Big Fiasco

Milton Menasco & The Big Fiasco

 Bozeman, Montana, USA

The Big Fiasco is like an old west gunfight on a Jamaican beach with pure big vibes, originality and a live sound that is truly amazing.


From the mountains of the north comes a new sound. Steeped in the tradition of Rock and Reggae Milton Menasco & The Big Fiasco bring an original mountain vibe with high energy grooves and an exsplosive live show. True modern reggae artists Milton Menasco & the Big Fiasco combine electronic, analog, and acoustic instruments. Known for their huge sound, this Reggae Rock three-piece lies somewhere between the islands and the mountains, but all Rockas.


The Big Fiasco is currently finishing their self titled debut "The Big Fiasco" due out summer 2011

Set List

The Sound From The West.
With their trade marked style of "Mountain Reggae" Milton Menasco & The Big Fiasco have honed in on a sound that is 100% the West and beautifully stylized. Here is a list of original music that they are currently playing:

In The Belly Of The Mountain
Let it Burn
Slip On By
Livin' (The Dream)
Get On Top
Under the Moonshine
The Fool
In The World
La Courneuve
What it Is
Sole Desire
Barn Burner
Set Free
What it Is
Come Around
Between Man & God
No More War
Manhattan Mamma
In My Arms
The Damned
In a Blink
Country Girl
Good Ol Lovin'
Burning Ring of Reggae
Soul on the Floor
Two Worlds Chasing the Sun
Foxy Reggae