The Big Hat

The Big Hat


Four talented musicians, each sharing the songwriting load, brings forth a blend of rock both powerful and soulful, mean, sensitive, and quirky, bringing in echoes of all of their own influences, from Bob Dylan to Cake, from John Prine to Tom Waits, from The Band to The Presidents of the USA.


"...If you’re in the mood for a fun band chock full of genuinely talented musicians, The Big Hat is not to be missed." - Lisette Johnson for KFTU.

What happened was, we survived a traumatic hovercraft explosion and wound up on an island along with a shipment of musical instruments. Since there was nothing else to do, we played these instruments until we were not only emotionally rehabilitated from the crash's effects, but also really damn good. And so we play to this very day.

Okay, we're lying.

Basically we're an interweb of bands from The Basement Jam, The Pony Express, Panda Deluxe, Red Giant White Dwarf, and the Corduroy Boy. We got together to do a show in Tribeca, and playing together just felt so - so - so right, that we keep it up.


First EP, "The Big Hat," released March 2009. Tracklist (with songwriter):
1. I'm Stuck (Christ)
2. It Ain't Real (Van Stockum)
3. Oh! Girl! (Yim)
4. The Treetop Ghost (Penman)
5. Young Man Gray (Christ)
6. Do People Stop and Stare? (Penman)
7. Lullaby (Van Stockum)

Set List

Oh, God - it changes all the time. Usually it's 30 to 45 minutes. Sometimes special guests show up. But, if you need an example, let's say...

1. Cryin' About Who
2. I'm Stuck
3. Oh! Girl!
4. Our Love Is Drifting (Mike Bloomfield cover, featuring Seb)
5. Mt. Petina, Tennessee
6. Ball and Chain (Janis Joplin cover, featuring Jacqui)
7. It Ain't Real
8. Not Alone
9. Young Man Gray