the big i am

the big i am

 Liverpool, England, GBR

A Cuatro, A Ukulele and Two Liverpudlian singers combine to make a unique intricate, passionate soundscape. A well received 5 star album in R2 and Maverick Magazines and Tom Robinson favorite:-)


Liverpool duo The Big I Am are Colin Heaney and Peter McPartland.. These fine musicians have created a glorious and unique form of acoustic folk-pop. At its core the tenor ukulele and cuatro, and piano. Their debut album Collecting Skies, has been given an added dimension in the shape of the inspired string arrangements of Dutch composer/arranger Wim Oudijk.

"…subtle, melodic and mysterious…I love it…sounds like Peter Gabriel and Steve Reich having an acoustic jam."

- Tom Robinson, BBC Radio 6

“…"This Liverpool duo have blown me away, this is one amazing collection of songs. they have created a glorious soundscape. At its most simplistic core the mixture of ukulele and cuatro compliment the easy vocal delivery. That on it’s own would of made it a good record, but what makes it a great record is the lyrical astuteness that abounds throughout. I am happy to say here and now it’s the second in my essential albums you should add to your collection in 2011. 9/10"

- Battery in your leg

“…a debut album of poise, strength and the most vociferous magnificence. The Big I Am sound absolutely confident and joyful in their creativity. Collecting Skies could be the soundtrack to snows melting and spring emerging. Songs open like a new dawn breaking and hang like blossoms from fragile branches of beauty; then they grow and grow until they are bursting at the seams with catharsis. If you listen to this album, be prepared to have your heartstrings plucked and stroked until you ache with joy and any cyisism you harbour is utterly defeated. Be prepared to be lifted." ***** (5 stars) "

- R2 Magazine

“ …"...what a stonking three piece band they are after hearing this eleven track debut record. There is no denying the band their already unparalleled success which has been aided by a favourable quote by BBC 6 Music’s Tom Robinson. Two songs in, Better Days is bound for radio glory as it is a wonderful track which is the best of the record. Even the arrangement does extremely well here and is an ideal example of a song which could have been several minutes longer as you want to savour in the wonderful ambience that is created Aided through the string arrangements/orchestrations of Dutch composer Wim Oudijk, this is heard pretty much throughout and the combined sound they create is the audio equivalent of giving your earlobes a bowl of sponge pudding and custard; totally thrilling and a taste sensation which lasts long after you have gorged on the item itself.” **** –

- Maverick Magazine

“…the feel of a band flirting on the fringes of greatness."
- Neil King, FATEA

“…the album is everything you want, and is so easy to listen to. It’s subtle yet hard-hitting, and it leaves you feeling musically satisfied whilst leaving you wanting more at the same time. A definite must for any music fan!”
- Joe Ferret Deuce Radio


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