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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Next 1000"

Think Michael Jackson's perennial classic "Thriller" on Acid and you have bignic's subterranean hit "Modern Pentathalon."

It's scary and enjoyable all at the same time. Dazzling electronics set fire to an already sonic joyride. No doubt, his sound is unique; it's a mash-up of odd tunes that can only be described as dark electric-flower-hop. [...] bignic is a kaleidoscope of sounds. And we are better for it. - URB Magazine


"Homesick" (2004)
"Fatmosphere" (2005)
"Something" (2006)
"The War on Peace" (2009)

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Like a colourful bouquet of rainbowy flowers skillfully jammed into your ears with tender loving care, the bignic sound makes you wonder "what was that? ...and why?"

Upon reflection, you find yourself curious to hear more. But the next time you hear bignic, its not flowers.... the next time its like your ears are eating wonderful syrupy pancakes and completely loving it.

"Listen to this!" you tell your friends. "Its like flowers and pancakes for your ears!"

Frightened, and afraid for your mental health, they oblige you and they too open their ears.

"No!" they exclaim "Its not flowers or pancakes at all... its the sound of twelve million butterflies with tiny synthesizers, all playing in unison! I've just had an orgasm!"

Your friend's exclamation has made things awkward for you both and your friendship will never be the same. You don't know how you feel about your friend orgasming with your headphones on... but do not fret!

The music has disarmed you both and turned you into complete human beings for the very first time.

Onward, now, you press. Burning illegitimate copies of the disc, you wander heaven and earth, sharing the unique sound that is bignic with all who you pass; Causing nakedness of the soul wherever you shall go.