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The music of The Big Nowhere is a primer for the uninformed on the dangers of faustian pacts, the imbibation of intoxicating liquors, the inhalation of opiates, and women of negotiable moral standing..

Songs of heartbreak, loss and regret - Welcome to Nowhere


The Big Nowhere

In the Summer of 2008, Billy Crowe and Simon Sinclair got together over many drinks and many more tales of broken bones and broken hearts. With a shared love of their parents' and grandparents' record collections, both decided that the other would
be the perfect fit for the material they were writing, and The Big Nowhere took it's first shaking, tentative steps into the light.

Both started sending each other rough recordings of new songs, and a period of sustained musical one-upmanship began.
Sessions eventually started properly in the winter of 2008. The first sessions were mainly just putting down guide acoustic
guitar and vocal tracks, with overdubs being done as the idea sprung to mind - it was a relaxed, laid-back affair.
Everything on the album was recorded in Simon's living room.

'Pull Down The Moon' was released in May 2009 on the band's own Devil Shake imprint to glowing reviews. The band were
championed by the likes of Dave Arcari and playlisted on Tom Fahey's 'americanaok' radio show, also earning The Big Nowhere a prime time slot during British Music Week 2009, and the coveted Saturday night slot at King Tut's Wah Wah Hut's 20th anniversary shows in February 2010, playing to a sold-out house with Swedish spacey-folk sister-duo First Aid Kit. Legendary British singer-songwriter Tom Robinson has also championed The Big Nowhere via his Radio 6 Music show, playing tracks from 'Pull Down The Moon', including 'I Got Love' from the album on the 'My Bloody Valentine' edition of the show for valentine's day 2011.

'Pull Down The Moon' is available only as a digital download from iTunes, Amazon mp3 and other fine purveyors of digital music. It is also available on the Spotify platform.

With too many tracks recorded to fit on the album, the band's second release on Devil Shake was 'Things We Lost In The
Flood', a free download EP comprising outakes from the Pull Down The Moon sessions. This can be downloaded free from or

In December 2009, work started on the full length follow up, titled 'Don't Burn The Fortune'. Billy, Simon and Joe Keegan
(piano on 'Pull down the Moon') were now joined by Arvid "Howie" Haubold (double bass, flute, harmonica), D.P. Johnston
(drums, percussion), Helen Mitchell (trumpet), Sandie Bishop (violin), Malcolm McMaster (pedal steel) and Rhona Proctor (backing vocals). The album will be released in the late Spring/early summer of 2011, and will mark both an expansion of and a departure from the themes and styles of the music on 'Pull Down The Moon'. The darkness will be a little darker, the light touches will be a little lighter, and the heartbreak will cut just that little deeper.

The music of The Big Nowhere has been described as anything from Rock, Folk, Country, Americana,, to a mixture of them all. Their music has the feel of the kind of records that just don't get made any more. The ability to tell
stories via songs, or just to try and evoke some kind of feeling through the music.

Songs of heartbreak, loss and regret - Welcome to Nowhere

The Big Nowhere, 21st February 2011.

“Musically, they manage to be simultaneously true to their influences, while adding a
completely unexpected playfulness..”

“..a lot of fun, more so the more closely you listen..”

“..produced with care and good taste..”

Lucid Culture review of Pull Down The Moon

“..we're not talking the check shirt wearing AOR that gets passed off as country
these days..”

“..this album gets the thumbs up..”

Bluesbunny review of Pull Down The Moon


Pull Down The Moon - The Big Nowhere (DevilShake) 2009
Things We Lost In The Flood - The Big Nowhere (DevilShake) 2009
Don't Burn the Fortune - The Big Nowhere (DevilShake) 2011 (forthcoming)

'I Got Love' from Pull Down The Moon is available on the BBC6 Music Introducing With Tom Robinson Podcast episode dated 14.02.11 - The theme of the episode was 'My Bloody Valentine'.

Pull Down The Moon is available on the Spotify platform.

Things We Lost In The Flood is available as a free download from