The Big Provider

The Big Provider


Shockingly tight Police-esque grooves MOVE YOU, while a pitch-perfect sultry swoon and Bee Gees meet Journey falsettos set TBP apart. Add ear-candy clean guitar and ear-splitting rock solos and you have The Big Provider; built of rock, soul, ska, reggae, and a desire to make a mark on the world.


WHO: Two hard working, hard playing brothers from Northern California and a rock solid Philadelphia drummer. The three hooked up through a near catastrophic finger laceration and almost immediately formed what has become one of San Diego’s most consistent draws, rocking club after club with an energy that would suggest the boys are playing for the Queen herself.
SOUND: With shockingly tight Police-esque grooves pounding forth from drummer Brendan Concannon and bassist Joey California, it is nearly impossible not to join the seething swarm of bodies immediately in front of the stage. But sit back and bask in the vocals and you will understand that it is singer-guitarist Jackson Price’s pitch-perfect sultry swoon and Joey California’s Bee Gees meet Journey falsettos that set The Big Provider apart from their peers. Price explains, “We’re all nostalgic for the vocals of Stevie Wonder, Sting, Van Morrison, even The Crash Test Dummies; vocalists with style, grace, depth. We’re just trying to add our own stamp, to sing what we feel, in a way that makes people stop and say ‘shit, those guys are for real.’” Add Price’s ear-candy clean guitar rhythms and ear-splitting rock solos and you have The Big Provider; a sound built of rock, soul, ska, reggae, and a desire to make a mark on the world.
PROVIDING WHAT? The trio fields endless questions regarding their name. So, what does it mean? “Whatever you want it to,” explains Concannon. “If you’re out for dancing & partying, we’re providing that. Music that you can listen to over and over and find something new and exciting each time, we’re providing that too. Straight up great rock, yep. And if you’re looking for the soundtrack to your day, the music that makes life better, sex music, well, you get the point.”
BROTHERLY LOVE: Coming to California from The City of Brotherly Love, Brendan Concannon was not surprised to find himself on the road and in the studio with two loving, bickering brothers. “Joey and Jackson have this ridiculous give/take relationship in all aspects of our music; give an idea take some criticism, there is really no restraint, our songs are borne through pushing, pulling, cutting, pasting, bitching, and laughing. And it works!” explains the backbone of the trio. Conversely, the brothers are thrilled to have a solid third “brother” that they never got from their parents. Adds California, “Brendan is such a steady foundation, when Jay [Jackson] and I get rolling, he just steps in like, ‘knock that shit off,’ and we pretty much function like a well oiled machine in that sense.” Whatever the dynamics, it’s agreed: IT WORKS!
HAIR WE GO AGAIN: One look at the trio will tell you that they’re not interested in fitting into the cookie cutter pop style machine. “We’re pretty much not interested in eyeliner and image,” states California. But the hair? Price interjects, “Hair is power!” While the freshly shorn Concannon sums it up in his own words, “Skin is in.”


Thought About

Written By: price

Kick back, rest upon the couch, somethin’ sputters out, and who’s this person that your with?
That’s me the one who looks so bad, gave it all I had, expect the same now in return.

(Chorus) Sometimes I need to be thought about. Bad talk and lies I could do without.

Brought here by choice or just by fate , it’s not up for debate, or necessarily what I want.
So hold strong at least for one more night, and if I can’t make it right, at least I’ll be there flesh and bone.
Just like your big dream ripping at the seem. Just like my big plan stuck inside a can. So focused on the right maybe that’s what’s wrong. One thing is for sure I’m gonna sing this song.
Go now and run for your life. This is no great big surprise. (repeat)


Sin Song

Written By: Price

Sitting lonesome thinking about you walking my direction, I want to give you some affection, cause you’re the one that’s driving me wild making me crazy, never cease to amaze me. I’ve never met another like you don’t want to miss you, don’t want to let you slip through, cause your so fine like sand running through my hand, and damn I’ll be a good man
(chorus) I just want to have fun, you know I just want to sin, sinny sin sin. I need to know, why you won’t let me in.

If I had to say 2 words, I’d probably say do me, I’d expect you to say who me? Ropes whips chains and handcuffs now we’re getting freaky, the bed is getting squeaky. I’m lying right here with you riding on my lap, I’m about to tap tap. I just want to do my duty, you’re such a cutie, so let me at that booty.


Written By: Price

There’s a way to be heard loud and clear, and I’m not sure what it’s going to take, but I’ll do what I can and the rest I can fake. Cause I’m wonderin’ to where to begin, and I know that this love is a sin bring it in bring baby let me begin.
Like I told you once before.. you’re the victim and the karma’s coming back again! Leave it there, lock your door.

And I know that you feel just the same, baby girl I play all of your games, eeny, meeny miny tick tack toe! And I want something that nobody knows, and if you give it to me sugar you’ll take of your clothes, if you’re feeling freaky I’ll suck on your toes and if you don’t want it honey I guess I suppose I’m gone!


Monkey Crate-2001
Not For Sale- 2002

Set List

Get it on
knock me cold
So bad
J's Place
Force of Nature
Sin Song
Thought About
Lost my touch
Strange Existence
Late Afternoon
Who I am

Occasionally we'll play a cover song or two.
We play from 30 minutes to two hours plus.