The Big Push

The Big Push

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

The Big Push is an original Big Band that moves big band forward...and back to its roots, with fresh dance music (see video). Recently, with churches in West Philadelpia, the Big Push presented an original Concert of the Psalms, with music by Theresa Marsh (see pics & music samples).


We...Greg Scott and friends...first put the Big Push together in the mid '80's after the demise of the Philly R&B band "Breakwater" (2 albums for Arista) using all the influences of Jazz, Philly Phunk and Blues to try to kick start the big band form with great dance beats. The first version included a DJ playing a Roland 808 rhythym machine. The band continues to evolve - including a 9 horn blues/shout version and the current version that includes live tap and swing dancers as part of the show....(see video). The band always includes inprovised horn "riffs" along with great soloists as part of every essential part of big band roots that has gone missing in most of today's incarnations. Greg says:"I tried to have the fewest number of horns I could and still have a big band...and we use the simple device of call and answer between the brass and saxes that gives the big band flavor - no matter how funky or hip-hoppy the beat. It makes every performance differennt from every other and lets that magic happen. Musicians love playing in the band because they are part of the creative process...every single night."
As part of the band's commitment to creative growth, we became involved with the 2008 Concert of the Psalms, composed by Theresa Marsh and arranged by the Greg and the band. It included a 50 voice choir, composed of churches and synagogs from Philadelphia, and soloists including Ruth Naomi-Floyd, Charlene Holloway and Zahmu Sankofa.


Luv in the Afternoon

Written By: Greg Scott

Sunset over your shoulder,
just one say good-bye,
it's not easy...but I'll try.
Sneak a peek to see your smile
maybe I can catch your eye...
wonder if the others wonder why.
But tonight as I remember,
your touch so warm and tender,
the music of the moment writes the tune...
"Love in the Afternoon"