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The Big Rock Show

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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"The Onion AV Club"

Part concert and part sketch comedy, The Big Rock Show takes aim at earnest singer songwriters, air-headed cockrockers, the meaningless pomp of arena concerts - and adds acerbic sociopolitical commentary. - The Onion AV Club

"The Chicago Reader Critic's Choice"

...Gets off good lines
Funny, Satirical Songs.
Pulls out all the stops.
-Laura Molzhan - The Chicago Reader

"Chicago Sun-Times"

"Blow(s) the roof off!"

-Misha Davenport - Chicago Sun-Times

"TimeOut Chicago"

"Don't Miss the lightning Boltingest rock parody around."

- TimeOut Chicago

"Inside Online"

With pop concert ticket prices spiraling out of control, it's nice to be reminded that you don't need a million dollars to rock. In fact, "The Big Rock Show," with a budget I'd estimate at about $7.58, gives a lot more bombast for the buck. Frontman Scotty Iseri (the band's only member) has pyrotechnics, smoke machines, and his name in lights, all provided by an solitary, sullen chain-smoker named Tim the Roadie.

Iseri, who "sings about girls that don't exist in the hopes of meeting girls that do," has the geek-rock aesthetic down flat. Not only does he look sharp in his pin-striped suit, he can deliver a parody song with unflinching earnestness.

Although the between-song patter is top-notch, the best joke is in the contrast between the hard-working Iseri, who plants his feet wide and sings his heart out for every number, and Tim, who occasionally ambles from his stool to light something on fire. - Inside Online

"Chicago Tribune"

Best Bet!

We overdosed on sentimental rounds of singing "White Christmas" with the fam; now we want irreverence, shirtless men and flame-throwing guitars dammit! With mere moments to spare before we lose it forgood, Scotty Iseri and the Big Rock Show kicks off a four-week run at Davenport's Piano Bar and Cabaret. The award-winning musical daredevil and sidekick Tim the Roadie explore politics, celebrity and the realities of being single. - Chicago Tribune

"Chicago Magazine"

Amber's Picks

Scotty Iseri will have you in stitches - Chicago Magazine


Editorial Review

Cited by Time Out Chicago, Chicago Magazine, and The Reader, After Dark Award-winning performer 'Scotty Iseri's The Big Rock Show' is part satire, part sincerity, and 100% guaranteed to upset your Republican uncle. Featuring the potential chart-toppers 'Jerry Falwell (I Got Your Family Values Right Here),' 'Scotty Goes Home Alone Pt.1,' 'Scotty Goes Home Alone Pt.2,' 'Scotty Goes Home Alone Ad Nauseum,' the ever popular potentially-flame-throwing guitar, and Scotty's patent pending non-threatening sex appeal, you won't want to miss 'The Big Rock Show' when Scotty and his ever-surly onstage sidekick Tim the Roadie take you on an Ed-Wood inspired musical exploration of current politics, the power of celebrity, and why even a half-naked pseudo rock star in red pleather pants just can't get a date in these troubled times. -


Scotty Iseri and The Big Rock Show: Live From The Alabama Shakespeare Festival

Scotty Iseri and the Big Rock Show: The Because Your Girlfriend Still Loves Me EP


Feeling a bit camera shy


It's Hedwig and The Angry Inch (minus the drag queens) meets Spinal Tap (minus the accents and that fat guy from All In The Family) meets The Daily Show (minus the Emmy. So far).

It's high concept gone low budget. A two-man mock-rock “concert” featuring real rock AND real mock. A theatrically based, loosely structured evening of original acoustic music running the topical gamut from love to politics to giant robots, supported by cheap sight gags, blatantly left wing political screeds, potentially offensive improv comedy, and the occasional heartfelt plea for a date - all gathered under the umbrella of the immortal Outback Steakhouse credo; "No Rules, Just Right."

Scotty Iseri is our hero - a wannabe rock star with a heart of gold and the voice of an angel. Tim the Roadie is his sidekick - overworked, under funded, and unfortunately, uncensored. When describing their onstage rapport, we're inclined to make comparisons like "Martin and Lewis," "Hope and Crosby," "Rove and Libby." Oh wait, that last one so wasn't funny. But you get the jist.

Our two-man cast plays off each other with the kind of infectious glee that only two struggling Chicago artists who've been roommates and best friends for years could embody. And The Big Rock Show is the kind of show that only two struggling Chicago artists who've been roommates and best friends for years could invent.

The Big Rock Show is different. It's theater and comedy and rock. It’s satire and it’s sincere.

It's good.

It's an opportunity to leave your preconceptions at the door and come enjoy an occasionally awkward, often touching, very rocking, but mostly just pants-wettingly funny hour and a half that you will be just as hard-pressed to concisely explain to your friends as we are to concisely explain it to you - no matter how hard you try. And you will try.

Oh yes.

You will try.