The Big Spank

The Big Spank

 Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

A mix of latin style with elements of reggae, ska, hip hop, and disco, fueled by a punk attitude and a knack for making crowds young and old dance and sing the infectious hooks. THE BIG SPANK's stage antics are high energy and are as entertaining as the music.


THE BIG SPANK, which includes Bert Lujan (Drums), Mike García (Vocals/Accordion), Retzen (Trombone), Chris Tickner (Bass), and Javier Sandoval (Guitar), could have easily been content with this backyard approach to music, forever performing at every family graduation and quinceanera in the neighborhood. But with this collection of talented New Mexican musicians, there was an indefinable "something" that both casual onlookers and fans couldn't define. In fact, they most likely didn't think twice about it as most were too busy dancing away their cares to the band's latin-influenced party vibes.

There are stellar hooks, compelling melodies, firm song structures, and an innate collective ability to improvise. Like ever-changing cuttlefish, The Big Spank is able to read a crowd like they were tarot cards and created appeal on the spot. The Big Spank offers an amazing live performance leaving every crowd wondering what just spanked their ass!

García, the band's chief songwriter, packed a bag and a guitar and went on a 6-month hiatus in the heart of Mexico, with no real intention of coming back. Luckily for the group, he returned (heart broken for the umpteenth time) with a gleam in his eye and a seriousness that brings us to the present, and the reason you're reading this now. With a new arsenal of latin rhythms and new songs the album "Gypsy Rug Burn" was released in December 2007. Since the release of Gypsy Rug Burn The Big Spank has dug further into their New Mexican roots with a Mariachi Punk Rock apprach to song writing and performing.

After 2 years of continuous national and international touring, The Big Spank is concentrating on only playing major shows to larger crowds.

From the heart of South Valley Albuquerque to your hometown, this "spank" is definitely The Big Spank.


Ya Me Voy

Written By: Michael Garcia

Ya me voy ya me voy ya me voy a cantar
de las tristesas de la vida que nunca cambniaran
Ya me voy ya me voy ya me voy a cantar
de las tristesas de la vida y olvidarme de ti

Your defenition of love well it is wrong
your defenition of greedy is dead on
and if you say you won't believe
i've got your success to prove exactly what i need
and when you take away those breaths you make them pay
and all the voices that i know you hear them say


The Big Spank - Gypsy Rug Burn - 2007
The Big Spank - Random Acts of Spank - 2004
The Big Spank - Waiting For Retzen - 2001

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Set List

Set lists depend on length of time alotted but general set list is 45min to 1 hour 15 minutes. With the best songs from 3 full length albums.