The Big Sweet

The Big Sweet

 Canton, Ohio, USA

We're a 4-piece band from N.E. Ohio comprised of 18/19 year olds. In 4 years, we have released 3 critically acclaimed albums, received extensive airplay throughout Ohio, been featured on national television, earned mass national press coverage, and opened for dozens of renowned national artists.


Most high school seniors may spend the morning of their prom day preparing their hair or possibly planning spots for photo shoots. In contrast, the four members of The Big Sweet spent the better half of this day on a nine hour car ride back to Ohio from their Daytrotter session in Iowa. In many ways, this seems to encapsulate the theme of The Big Sweet's history; they are teenagers whose quality of music continuously belies their young age (the members are all 19 at this point). Truth be told, with a near five year career, 3 recorded albums, numerous glowing reviews and 100 plus shows under their belt, the band's youthfulness is far from its most interesting characteristic.
Originating in the Northeast Ohio area, The Big Sweet are a rock band whose style draws from a wide variety of genres such as power pop, psychedelia, baroque music, and avant-garde. While the band has been likened to artists both new and old (Wilco, Big Star, XTC, Elliott Smith), The Big Sweet has constantly pushed to defy easy classification, to sound fresh if you will. The band has honed its chops by gigging relentlessly throughout Ohio at renowned venues in Cleveland (The Beachland Ballroom, House of Blues), Columbus (Rumba Cafe), Akron (Musica), and Canton (Palace Theater, Auricle). As such shows, the band has played with dozens of nationally touted artists such as The Front Bottoms, The Lemonheads, The Whigs, Ra Ra Riot, Will Hoge, and many more. Additionally, several radio stations (NPR's affiliate in Cleveland, 91.3 in Akron, CD 101 in Columbus) have consistently played The Big Sweet's music.
The band has released 2 albums--Shot of Bliss in 2010, Ultraviolet Rain in 2011-- to nearly universal critical acclaim. Indeed, outlets such as Popdose, Artist Direct, Cleveland Scene Magazine, Akron Beacon Journal, When You Motor Away, Absolute Power Pop, and many others have given the records (especially the latter) glowing reviews; several quotes from these press outlets are listed below at the article's end.
Building on the critical acclaim of Ultraviolet Rain, The Big Sweet are set to release their third full-length record, Bicycle Nights, in August. As singer/guitarist/songwriter Sam Regas says, "As 15 year olds, it was inevitable that our sound would very much be the summation of our influences. But with Bicycle NIghts, we really feel this is the reflection of our own musical identity. We put a massive amount of energy into these songs so, love it or hate it, this record-- more than anything we've recorded prior-- really is who we are." True, no longer mere fine emulators, The Big Sweet have confidently grown into truly innovative instigators in their own right. Now freshmen in college, The Big Sweet's personal maturation is strongly reflected by the vision of their music and growth in songwriting. Rich with harmonies, chiming guitars, orchestral splashes, and oddball arrangements, Bicycle Nights is as much a continuation of The Big Sweet's core melodic sound as it as an ambitious and complex step in a new musical direction. This is the band at its most representative, the record that truly shows The Big Sweet-- rounded out by Brad Berbari (guitar/keys), Matt McDonald (bass), and Drew Watson (drums)-- at their most strange and simultaneously alluring.

"They combine sweet pop with a dense, baroque approach and we are certainly impressed. Again"- When You Motor Away
"[Ultraviolet Rain] is the music that ought to be and will be the soundtrack of the life of a cool teenager trying to figure out what he wants to do with himself." -Popdose
"They come across as young bucks who have been listening to Big Star, The Replacements and Guided By Voices for decades…It's enough to make Robert Pollard want to give them a huge hug." -Daytrotter
"The Big Sweet plays carefully assembled, expertly arranged guitar pop the likes of which is supposed to be dead among their generation."- Columbus Alive
"The Ohio quartet creates sonic dreamscapes that are as easy to fall into as anything from The Pixies or Pavement…These lads could change the course of indie rock as they know it." -Artist Direct


I'm Sold Out

Written By: Sam Regas

Do you think I look prettier in drab?
Julie says the hot is cool enough
Looking through the hunks of metal scrap
Trying to find the shape of rough lust
We’ll burn a light, and leave it alone
To find solace in the pale cigarettes
So uptight, I feel so at home
And feeling warm in a radio headset
And I know we never think twice
Sweat and cold, it feels so nice
Underground in your eyes and baby
I’m sold – out
Hop in the car and head to the city
Suburban intuition it gets so small and sane
I’ll say again, you look so pretty
But it’s a onetime thing; did I catch your name?
Staring blank at the big old movie screens
Learn equations you’re just bound to forget
The one at the wheel can be so mean
Let’s get sold out in a radio headset
I fear for anything that’s true
Passing years, but it shoots right through
Everybody wants to feel for the old
But I feel brand new, and I’m sold for you
I’m all sold out for you
Yeah I’m sold out, sold out, so sold, so sold
Here we go

Good and Down Youth

Written By: Sam Regas

You grew up all lonesome and don’t it feel so good
Write in your diary but you struggle to think
All the things you love and hate you just can’t tell your shrink
The day you meet the boy and you ain’t got the gadgets
You both wish you had all the money type things
But it’s hard to be romantic with a keypad ‘stead of ink
You got a heavy load so just take your first drink
He got your letter and he meets you in your room
Took twice the medicine, still you don’t feel cool
Put on that turntable, you’re feeling old ain’t you
Your hands and lips they twitch, the feeling’s nothing new
Yeah Paul, he said it best, your age can be so blue
And all the while, you keep that crooked smile
And you wish everybody had it, and acted like you do
They’d storm the aisles, burning all the files and they’d say
All the way
Eighteen years went and you can’t help but feel so spent
When the application’s sent away, you never got it filled
This fall your friends will be going away, and they seemed so thrilled
But you’re ok, you couldn’t pay, state school never would
You stay in town, the youth goes down, so misunderstood
And all around, being down, still feels so good


The Big Sweet EP- 2009
Shot of Bliss (LP)- 2010
Ultraviolet Rain (LP)- 2011
Bicycle Nights (LP)- 2013

"Somber Sighs" single (VIDEO HERE:

Songs that have received radio play:
Somber Sighs
Dress Up Your Mind
So Fine (You're Mine)
Shot of Bliss
Life of the Party
September Gurls (cover)
Hold On Tight
I'm Sold Out
In and Out of Style
And You Wake

Songs that have been played on national television
I'm Sold Out- MLB Network