The Bikes

The Bikes


You have to see the Bikes play live. Your gonna say, "This band should be on the radio!" There's a mandolin and violin. one of the best bass players and drummer. Pure talent. And the singer?! You never saw the ex-cretins play? Or Postface? Did you just move here?


The Bikes wanted to create something different in the local music scene, a new band sound. Four guys from different infamous local bands, re-surfaced to share eccentric melodies and skillful songwriting. Every song has lyrics like a story, and are haunting to hear. These four guys love music and their sound blows corporate radio away. They are the best unknown band around Deerfield Beach.


The new Bikes cd is almost ready!!! The Bikes "Get Stolen" was recently finished at Rat Bastard's shindig in Miami. The Bikes have been polishing this latest cd and it's about to pop. Ant Lunch Musick lives.

Set List

This is an original band. If you want a cover-band, check out Rick and Paul's side-project, The Hucklebucks every wed in Deerfield at Jakes. But The Bikes are 100% new-to-your ears music. The typical set lasts about 45 minutes. But we can play five songs for twenty-odd minutes during tight-squeeze shows or could enjoy performing over an hour if given the option. The Bikes have enough material to go all-night.