The Billdozer

The Billdozer


we sound like primus or anything les claypool and some rush


If you like bands like Primus,Rush then we should be the band for you.Our influences are orange soda,Primus,Cartoons and Mr. Bungle.What sets apart from other bands is our sound,style and interaction with the crowds



Written By: Tim O'Sullivan

I remember when i was young
I met a guy by the name of pop
Pop he told me how to think and act
I never asked why
I just followed his word

Thats when i grew up and i got a job and and then i met a guy rob

Pop he taugh me how to dress and talk
He even showed me how to smile and walk
Pop he showed me how to make my way
if it werent for him i dont know were i would be

Thats when i grew up and i got a job and and then i met a guy rob

Big Sancho

Written By: John Williams

Big Sancho was a fiesty man, of squalor and of grit
He would stroll around the street, he thought so much of it
He liked the looks that people gave when he went walking by
For Sancho was a dirty man, so
just let me tell you why

Big Sancho didn't believe in shirts, they always felt too tight
And he would like to drink champagne to spicen up the night
Big Sancho would go walking by the orphanage for runts
And yell at them, "I fathered you all!"
"And your mothers, they all were cunts!"

Now the local priest was very troubled by Big Sancho's roudy fashion
He felt he just needed help, as well as some compassion
But Big Sancho was not into prayer, no matter how hard the priest tried
For he was too busy with women, his work had him occupied

Big Sancho worked at a sweatshop which made shoes in a lively way
He would make strides with a whip to make children work night and day
But one day a child just had enough, revenge came to his mind
To strike down evil big fat sancho , a menace towards all mankind

One day when Big Sancho was drunk, our hero grabbed a machete
He sliced him up limb by limb and took over when he was ready
But as this child grew up he soon forgot what it was like to be battered
Now he lashes the whip night and day, the shoes are all that matter.

The shoes must be made!

The Simple things in life

Written By: John Williams

Its the simple things in life that you must enjoy like giving a young child a brand new toy,but dont be upset if they throw it up against the wall, you can lock'em in the closet until next fall

Its the simple things in life that cast our fate like asking a beautiful girl out on a date,but if she says no because shes with another guy you can punch her in the face and you can make her cry

Its the simple things in life that define our everyday like telling both of your parents that you are gay but dont worry if they wont except your brand new path because you wont really mind as your mom reveals her staff

Its the simple things in life that cant go wrong like having raunchy sex with your transvestite mom
but dont worry if you soon regret what you both did in bed,forget all your problems just blow off your head!


we have one cd and each member of the band has some solo stuff they have fun with

Set List

our set list is usally our cd,sometimes from end to back and some covers from bands and artists such as pink floyd,rush,primus and
bach..(no lie about the bach)