The Billionaires

The Billionaires


We are five friends who have all been making music in some way for a long time individually or in other bands. Then one night at the end a summer, we all got drunk and wrote our first song together. It felt good so we did it again, and again, and again...and now we have our band.


Our music makes people feel happy. It was first written at a place called Peacegate on Martha's Vineyard where we all pretty much grew up or spent a lot of time. We wrote our first songs as a band late at night at the end of summer '06. September was looming, and we didn't want summer to end. There was no pressure, we had no boundaries, we all took turns and our debut album out April 1, 2008 is what came out of those nights. We are psyched to be the first band signed on Too Soon, a new L.A-based indie label.
Here's a review of our album that we are really happy about.
From Amerikana UK-
"For those of you with an indie pop hangover ‘The End of Summer Song’ is an Alka-seltzer that’ll clear away any post Polyphonic Spree nausea and restore your appetite. There’s about four songs going on at once, a chorus of voices, enough hooks for choir practice and breezy cheesy organ and about as much enthusiasm as you could ever want. These are songs about the transition into the adult world, on the cusp, retaining adolescent exuberance; they explode with energy its like Brian Wilson on hormones bursting with harmonies and ideas. They pass the vocals around like a bottle at a party; you get a sense of the group dynamic, the camaraderie, the closeness, the group. Los Campesinos are the closest comparator that I can think of, utter disregard for musical boundaries; ‘Pass the Bottle’ is like early Beastie Boys when they hadn’t shaken off a love of guitar rock. ‘N Y Cab’ is more like a number from a musical and ‘Butterflies’ a loose folk song – Viking Moses happy maybe – gentle melody with handclaps, quite lovely. ‘Cold Day’ cod electro-pop, sequencer, thin tribal drums, who cares about genres, anything goes. The last song ‘Confidence’ describes what is great about them, the confidence to do what they like, this song subverts everything that has gone before, a single female voice, simple instrumentation, it’s darker, they sing of ‘Lost innocence’ against guitars that grow weighty, distort and give way to solitary piano notes. A signifier for things to come? I hope so."


Really Real For Forever-April 1 2008 release, Too Soon.
Single:Eighties Movies
Tracks currently getting radio airplay: Eighties Movies, Butterflies, Highschool High, NY Cab

Set List

Our set list for now is our album in less than 40 minutes. We go from chill harmonies to high energy group vocals, simple acoustic guitar with stomping and handclaps to instrument switching mid-song. We try to do everything we did on the album.