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"Rock and ROll"

By Keith Newman

"If you've ever been hit in the teeth with a microphone..." Billy D. Light said as he moved his mike stand about a lunge closer towards the wall, "you know that it's not a good experience."

Billy D. Light is a black T-shirt and black jeans kind of guy. He has a silver skull ring on his middle finger, and by the way he swivels his elbow in circles at the strings of his guitar, one would guess that his forearm might be starting to rash. And, with dark slicked-back hair and sideburns that border on being muttonchops, Billy D. Light has a hint of Elvis about him.

"We are the last real rock 'n' roll band," declared Billy D. Light, "most other bands play what the audience thinks they want to hear."

Billy was on a short break in between sets, and still dripping wet with sweat. A big guy, he cradled the low-backed booth where he was sitting with one arm, and used his free hand to articulate his words more clearly. You would expect that he would be a smoker, maybe with Lucky Strikes or a soft pack of Camels wrapped up in the sleeve of his T-shirt.

"When you play real rock 'n ' roll it always touches people," said Billy D. Light as he wiped away sweat from his brow with the back of his hand, "there's something timeless about rock 'n' roll music. My daddy brought me up on all the good stuff."

Soon the time for a few questions was up and Billy D. Light walked back up to the mike and strapped himself into his guitar - one of over 50 priceless pieces that Billy owns - a 1953 Guild X440 with ice cube knobs. Drummer Brian Flannagan clicked together his sticks and soon the Billy D. Light Trio was laying down the melodic Surf tune. Pop culture icon Quentin Tarantino, has revisited Rockabillyand Surf in his trend-setting hitman flick "Pulp Fiction," but the Billy D. Light Trio brought it to life. Surf tunes like "Wipeout" and "Surfrider" have a vibrant-stringed drunken harp to them. Wavy and electric, they are hypnotizing.

Billy D. Light let out a "wipe out" giggle and the trio transitioned to "Suzy Q." Bassist Nick Rael stood feet together and posh, milking his bass with finger-tugs, as Flannagan kept rhythm and time. Billy D. Light, rooster-bobbing his head with his lips pushed out Mick Jagger style, was serving up the rock n' roll attitude.

Later, Billy D. Light would explain to me, "In 20 years all the music of today will be forgotten."

The trio blew into an explosion of different songs for their last set. Guitar-driven blues songs like "Red House Blues," "Fire" from Hendrix, and "Stray Cat Strut" by the Stray Cats, all twisted up into one hell of a good time.

"So, what about Brian Setzer?" I asked Billy D. Light, already knowing what his reaction would be.

"God." he flatly stated, adding, "He's better than anyone else today. He is truly on of the most talented musicians there is."

The Billy D. Light shows are truly a hip experience. They have any crowd goin' at anytime - doing the "swim," "twistin'," or even just down home shaggin'. Based in rock 'n' roll the Billy D. Light Trio covers all sorts of tunes from Memphis Blues, to Mississippi song, to rockabilly. And one thing's for sure, if Billy D. Light has any say in the matter, rock 'n' roll is here to stay. - Southern Ocean


The Billy D Light Trio "Massacre" released Nov. 2007



The Billy D Light Trio has spent the better part of the last decade travelling all over the East Coast bring their brand of Rock and ROll to any Juke Joint, Dive Bar, Corporate Shindig, Weddings or Bar Mitzvah that will have them. Seriously these guys will play anywhere they have Money and Electricity. They play the greatest music from the 50's and 60's that you've probably never heard. They also play a ton of stuff that makes the average person say "Wow!, I've never heard any band play that song!?! I love that song!" Frankly if I had a nickle for every time I've heard that you would not be reading this right now. I would have retired. Add in a slew of Killer original tunes that we can play or more importantly NOT play at your function. Book this band for your Club or Festival or private affair and you will be %110 satisfied.

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