The Bipolar Bears

The Bipolar Bears

 Austin, Texas, USA

A mix of Pavement, the Bee Gees, Electric Light Orchestra and Jeff Buckley, the three lead singers pull from their favorite decades and collaborate to make something brand new


The band came together in Austin, TX in 2009 when Daniel Saint Clair started playing casually with longtime friends Caleb Holland and Devin Hanley. Within one practice, they decided that this group was what they wanted to focus on for the rest of their lives. Soon Devin and Caleb started to contribute their own songs to the group to complement Daniel's, and The Bipolar Bears were born. David Poda Guthrie joined on drums soon after and the sound was reinvented, stretching from strictly guitar and bass rock into the synthesizer realm. With three lead singers and all members contributing to background vocals, CSN mates with Television and the Trammps for one night only in Austin.


Seasons Greetings from The Bipolar Bears (EP) 2009
Banging on Tin Walls (EP) 2010
Introducing The Bipolar Bears (LP) February 2012
I Want You (Single) February 2012

Set List

The Great Diaspora
The Siren
Hardcore Softcore
Heart of Glass (Blondie Cover)
This Used to be the Sun
I Want You
End of Marches
Spooner Hill
Quality Time
Iridescent Eyes
Spots for Now
Tenth Day
Laboratory Love
Theme Song