The Bipolar Bears

The Bipolar Bears


We're an indie dance rock band with a growing following being played on college radio in Sacramento, Orlando, and Boston. After releasing our debut album The Bipolar Bears (recorded by Vallejo) we've played at venues such as Antones, The Mowhawk, and soon Emo's East.


From humble beginnings, Daniel, Caleb and Devin met and thought "screw it, let's form a band." Playing at many house parties and the Lamar Pedestrian Bridge, they saw a growing following. Then, out of chance, they met Poda at a house party and really got to work.
Combining elaborate vocalization with a fresh pop style, The Bipolar Bears incorporate the work of the 3 song-writing members to create their unique sound. Sharing influences of David Bowie, ELO, The Smiths, and Jeff Buckley to name a few, they have made it their goal to make you move. Evenly distributing the songs and instrumentation that all members write, they fill out the musical details for each others songs.


Banging on Tim Walls EP
The Bipolar Bears

Set List

The Great Diaspora
The Siren
Hardcore Softcore
This Used To Be the Sun
Bored with a Hero
Treat Me Like a Dog
Stucco Ceilings
Trails of Smoke
Laboratory Love
End of Marches
Quality Time
Theme Song