The Biscuit Rollers

The Biscuit Rollers


The Biscuit Rollers play a hard-driving, stripped-down and musically honest yet up-to-date version of Old Time fingerpickin', traditional Blues standards and original Blues compositions. Rockin' the Resonator and Lickin' it up with the Lap Steel!


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Shoot Me Some Whiskey

Written By: Christopher M. Okay

V1 Hey Mama, shoot me that Whiskey
Just one more time
Baby open up a big ol’ bottle
Pour me some wine

Sit down and light up a cigarette
Honey you ain’t seen nothing yet
Hey mama, shoot me some whiskey
one more time

Gonna keep drinking til I feel alright
Strike up the band, cuz we’re gonna get high tonight

C Tonight feels just like the good ol’ days
Ain’t nobody gonna change my ways

If I fall down it ain’t no sin
Just tip my head back, keep pourin’ it in

Tell all my friends to gather round
Jack on the guitar gonna lay it down

So pull all the shades,
Turn on the lights
We’re gonna get real loose tonight

V2 Oh brutha can ya hand me that hogleg?
Just one more time
Shine up a bowl, and get your soul singin’
Pour me some wine

Pull out my guitar and play a song
Maybe Ms. Jenny will sing along
Hey brutha, shoot me that hogleg
just one more time

Gonna keep smokin’ til I feel alright
Strike up the band, cuz we’re gonna get high tonight


V1 (repeat)


* All lyrics and music Copyright 2006, Christopher M. Okay

(©original artist)

Dead Ringer

Written By: Kelly Miller

Dead Ringer

V1 The other night I went out
With some friends of mine
A few shots of whiskey,
Chasing it with wine.
Was feeling kinda drunk,
My head was all a-whirl –
Could-a sworn that good-looking waitress
Was my girl

C She looked just like her
As she touched me with her finger
I could have swore she was my baby-y
But she was just a dead ringer

V2 I woke up in the morning,
Imagine my surprise
To find that damned liquor
Had deceived my eyes
I knew I couldn’t hide it,
I knew someone would tell
I knew when I got home,
I was gonna catch my death of hell

C She looked just like her
I even let my eyes linger
I could have swore she was my baby-y
But she was just a dead ringer.

V3 Well my baby threw me out
She took the house and cars
I had to hit the bricks,
But I didn’t travel far
You probably know by now,
But I guess I must confess
I moved ‘cross town and
Shacked up with that waitress

C So you say you haven’t seen her?
Well next time I’ll have to bring her!
You remember my old girlfriend?
Well this girl’s a dead ringer!

Set List

First Set
1. Kokomo G Acoustic/Resonator
2. I Can’t be Satisfied G Bass/Resonator
3. Call My Job A Electric/Electric
4. Having a Real Bad Day A Electric/Electric
5. Shoot Me Some Whiskey A Acoustic/Resonator
6. Trouble in Mind D Lap/Electric
7. Nobody Knows You C Acoustic/Electric
8. In My Baby’s Arms C (V chord), Acoustic/Electric (V, IV, I progression) 9. I Got a Woman G Electric/Electric J-rhythm C-Lead
10. Wait on Time Cm9 Electric/electric

Second Set
1. Peaches G Harp/Resonator
2. Deep Elem Blues D Bass/Electric
3. I Feel So Good G Acoustic/Resonator
4. Nightlife E Electric/electric J-rhythm C-Lead
5. How Many More Years G Guitar/Harp
6. When the Levee Breaks A Electric/Harp or Resonator
7. Hurts Me Too G Electric/Resonator
8. Dead Ringer G Electric/lap
9. Phone Booth Am Electric/Electric
10. Tore Up D Electric/H&E