The Biscuit Rollers

The Biscuit Rollers


"Old Time Blues For The Soul"


The Biscuit Rollers is a collection of blues musicians that found each other in the early part of 2006. After trying many combinations of musicians and other instruments, finally settled down with the basic core of The Biscuit Rollers. The three of us have come together because we want not only to play and sing the blues, our favorite music style!!, but also preserve the blues and educate the world of what the blues is all about. The blues is one of the few American Traditions that we can call our own. It is a major part of the American history and culture and The Biscuit Rollers want to share this culture with all of our fans. Blues has many children, Delta, Piedmont, Chicago, West coast, and Texas.. all are what the Blues is about and what TBR is about!!!

We are true believers of the Blues as a classic art form and want to share with anyone that wants to listen. We can play soft and gentle or we can get down with the best of them. We all come from different backgrounds and lives, but we share the single bond of the blues.

We did not invent the blues, but we have taken from the best in our history.... Robert Johnson, Son House, Muddy Waters, Mississippi Fred Mcdowell, RL Burnside, Snooks Eaglin...... and we have tried to capture the emotion of these greats and added TBR styling to bring you our vision of the blues. We really hope you enjoy the music and feeling of The Biscuit Rollers and want to have more. We keep busy writing new songs, making old songs our own.

Our first CD “South Bound Freight Train”, a mixture of Delta, Piedmont and Chicago with a little old time music, was released in early 2008 and has been played on countless blues radio programs including a live performance on NPR. The band has played in several festivals including the Heritage Blues Festival in Wheeling, WV and won the James River Blues Society/Sedalia Center Blues Competition in July, 2008. We are very excited to represent JRBS at the 2009 IBC competition in Memphis, TN. Our new CD is available at, and live shows.

Booking Information:

Phone: 540-280-5313


South Bound Freight Train

Set List

The Biscuit Rollers are NOT the typical Blues Trio. We tend to fit our Setlist to the event that we are playing. We can play Delta and Piedmont style acoustic music, Old timey blues and we can rock out with Electric Mississippi fire or We can put the blues back into Chicago. We tailor out setlist to bring the best music to the audience we are playing for.

We do play covers of some of the greats in the blues like Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, RL Burnside, Junior Kimbrough and others but we also have a bunch of original blues tunes that pay tribute to the blues of yesterday.... This is a typical 40 min set that we would do for an acoustic blues audience........

32-20 *Robert Johnson Cover
France Blues *Youngblood Hart Cover
Having a Real Bad Day *Taj Mahal Cover
Legend *Original Banjo Tune
Birmingham Blues * Original Piedmont Style
Can't Be Satisfied *Muddy Waters Cover
Kokomo-Write me *Fred Mcdowell Medley
Piedmont Stomp *Original Instrumental
Jukehouse Strut *Origi