The Bish

The Bish


The Bish is timeless, sonic ear candy.


Formed in 2003 The Bish is a five piece pop/rock/RAWK!!! band from Chicago...

The Bish’s Stage: two vocalists, a Farfisa organ (played by the lead singer), two guitars, bass and drums.

The Bish’s Sound: old school rock (Led Zepplin, Jefferson Airplane, T Rex, The Kinks, Pink Floyd and The Beatles).

The Bish’s Songs: catchy, classic, and timeless.

The Bish’s Service: to move you and to rock the world.


Alpha Male

Written By: The Bish

Verse 1:
Dirty deeds done by the Alpha Male.
Neolithic hoe faught tooth and nail.
Magnetic attraction.
In a Texas Prison.
Where I was an agent an agent of Christ.

That Bird
He knows
He knows the Downlow
That Bird
He knows
He knows what's cooking tonight

Verse 2
Crystal Missile
Shows me no wrong
When I am dreaming the vapor makes me strong.
Magnetic attraction.
In a Texas Prison
When I was an agent an agent of Christ.

Chorus x2


When we were alone there wasn't nothing we didn't do.
I even tongued a lit candle just for you.
It burned my mouth and it heated up my soul.
And that was the day...that was the day that I lost control.

Chorus to the end.


- Recorded a five song EP with producer Doug McBride at the Chicago based...Gravity Studios. (Some of Gravity Studios credits include Smashing Pumpkins and Veruca Salt)

- Radio airplay: The Bish has been played on two major Chicago radio stations...101.1 FM (Q101) and 94.7 (the Zone)

- Recorded a full LP at Gravity and had a release date 2 months ago

Set List

- Set Length 30 mins - 1:30 hr.

- Set List...

Take The Highway
Mr. Know it all
I Lie
It's me
Science Fiction Queen
Alpha Male
Take Away My Television