The Bit Between

The Bit Between

 London, England, GBR

We have fun writting practicing and especially playing. Anyone that listens to our music goes away with a smile on their face. We blend acoustic and electric riffs with intelligent and eclectic vocal melodies and sometimes bizzar percussian. It's how we see and feel music.


Our influences are what we see as the best music of our generation...Radiohead, The Mars Volta, The Smiths (not really our generation). We all love this mix of beats and vocal genious and spend all our time trying to achieve even half of what our influences.



Written By: Micky J

I’ve had more hangovers than cups of tea in the morning,
Yorning, scorning at the people bustling by.
So awake so alive been to the gym some time
Feel fine, no wine, must be a healthy way of living they’re supporting.


We are a new band and have done 10 or so gigs in London. Since then we have had promoters banging down our door, unfortunately or drummer is a twat and punched a window. We have recorded 2 EP's but have kept them close to our chest so far.

Set List

Stella Dillema
You Lovees
Final Stand
Compound Of Elements
Drunken Haze
Head Straight
The Fields
Tip I Tip