The Bitter Coast

The Bitter Coast

 San Diego, California, USA

Three guys showing all the beautiful, tragic, and mysterious things about the end of the world.


Joseph Estrada and Christopher Keliikoa formed The Bitter Coast in 2009 after separating from their previous band Paragon in 2007 for which they played with for about a year.
Originally, Joseph was doing vocals but his voice was lacking the extra power for a lead vocal position. In order to fulfill this need, the band asked co worker Jonathan Lara to tryout for lead vocals in November 2010. He got the job.
Work began immediately on the songs they had and they played their first show on February 2, 2011 at The Metaphor Cafe in Escondido, CA. Following that show, The Journey was born which would give inspiration for their in progress concept album.
Their second show was at The Epicentre in San Diego, CA on March 4, 2011. With a total draw of 71 people out of the 200 people there, The Bitter Coast is quickly becoming something to experience.


The Journey

Written By: The Bitter Coast

In my dreams I could never
Imagine such a violent torment
Flesh on fire
(Madness overwhelming)
Pure pain
(Corrupts my mind)
Pushing through
Time and space

Flesh on fire; pure pain
Pushing through time and space
My heart was there soul ablaze
This journey takes me far away

Set List

The Journey
Killer Koala
Take 2
The Epiphany