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Decatur, Georgia, United States | SELF

Decatur, Georgia, United States | SELF
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The Bitteroots @ Eddie's Attic

Decatur, Georgia, USA

Decatur, Georgia, USA

The Bitteroots @ FranAllen Jam IV

Cumming, Georgia, USA

Cumming, Georgia, USA

The Bitteroots @ Eddie's Attic

Decatur, Georgia, USA

Decatur, Georgia, USA

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heavy pop rock sound that calls on blues and roots influences, but still manages to break new ground with fun, hook laden grooves, while just killing it with over the top, driving vocal melodies. - Metromix Atlanta

"The Bitteroots rocked the crowd at Eddie's Attic Friday night as the Poverty Is Real concert series kicked off." - Decatur / Avondale Estates Patch

The Bitteroots shatter any notion of a "sophomore jinx" on their upcoming, March 31st,
album release titled CENTRAL OF GEORGIA. So many bands/artists release lackluster
second albums, but not these guys and gal. Blues-rock is a genre that is
under-appreciated by the so-called "mainstream," but it tends to produce some of the
best music available in the music industry.

This album is chock full of powerful vocals by the bands lead singer, Laura Dees, who
blew my mind with her amazing voice the first time I heard this awesome Atlanta band
back in January (check out their January review). On the bands song "Sinnin'", Laura's
voice is boss and she commands all attention with the clarity and strength in her vocal
delivery. Even more impressive is the fact that Laura nailed the end vocals in one take,
from what I'm told, something that any artist or producer who knows vocal production
understands is not easy to pull off after a long studio session of belting out notes at the
top of your vocal register. Kudos to the band for doing a great job complimenting her.

Songs like - "The Man", "This Town", Needles and Bottles" and "Crazy Wicked" really
piqued my auditory system and had me dialed into The Bitteroots' musical performance
as well. I enjoyed the funky blues-rock feel to many of the 12 songs on this new Central
of Georgia album.

Overall, I'd say this is the better of the two albums by The Bitteroots and I can see them
taking over House of Blues and Hard Rock Live stages all over the U.S. I anticipate
attending the band's March 31st album release party in Atlanta and enjoying some of the
'Roots' play in person. Go get this album when it comes out, you'll be very glad you did! - I Am Entertainment Magazine

"THE BITTEROOTS are a Decatur-based rock band, influenced by blues, jam, folk and classic rock, with a penchant for catchy hooks, driving rhythms and soaring vocals that keep getting better with time." - Creative Loafing

The Bitteroots have filled my ears with the sweet sound of blues-rock music on the
band's latest project, FRENCH FRIES.  The four piece, Decatur, Georgia band is fronted
by a female lead vocalist who is awesome, making The Bitteroots a force to be reckoned
with among today's independent blues-rock bands.

"Blue" is a perfect example of why I said The Bitteroots is a force to be reckoned with.  
The musicianship on this song makes is great and I can't say enough about the singers
awesome delivery of the lyrics. This band has no intentions of leaving the stage anytime
soon, with such an awesome cohesiveness, they should definitely keep making more
great songs like this.

In addition to Blue, I really enjoyed songs like "French Fries", "Clearly", and "Text Me"
because the songwriting is so good. The Bitteroots are brilliant on this project and the
album solidifies their credibility as a blues-rock band.  I like the fact that these guys, and
a gal, are working toward building a long-lasting career by combining that amazing
female vocal with a well seasoned group of musicians.

Overall, FRENCH FRIES is a solid first album for The Bitteroots that anybody who likes
blues-rock music could easily take a liking to.  You should check this band out, I'm sure
you'll find their music well worth buying. - I Am Entertainment Magazine

. - Decatur News Online

Longest Concert By Multiple Artists
As I pulled up to the Red Rabbit Pizza Pub in John’s Creek, Georgia, I could hear the music and feel the energy coming from within. This wasn’t just a normal hot Saturday evening with a live band playing; this was the culminating day of a very long concert.

Children’s Restoration Network pulled together over 200 bands and hundreds of volunteers to make their dream of earning the Guinness World Records title for Longest Concert by Multiple Artists a reality. After hard work and extremely long hours, they officially earned the record on July 24th, 2010 after 343 hours 7 minutes and 52 seconds of essentially non-stop live music. To receive the Guinness World Records award, they had to have live bands playing 24 hours a day, with only a 5 minute limit between bands and a 30 second break between songs. They started at 11:56am on July 10th and just kept on playing.

The stage at the Red Rabbit Pub

It was a true honor witnessing the dedication, passion and hard work that went into this event. From the moment I walked in I knew these people were organized. There was a true sense of teamwork and support that was crucial to ensure the guidelines for the record were met. When a band finished the next band was waiting on the sidelines ready to jump on stage, plug in and starting jamming. There were 2 official timekeepers as well as several other volunteers who held watches and gave the countdown for when it was go time. I am sure tensions were high during these set changes, but they pulled it off beautifully.

The enthused and supportive crowd

The most remarkable part of this event was the cause it was supporting. Everyone involved, including the musicians, were giving their time for free in honor of the Children’s Restoration Network. CRN is a not-for-profit enabling and empowering children and their mothers to break out of the cycle of homelessness. An organization that has grown since 1993 touching the lives of some 11,000 adult women and 38,000 homeless children in Atlanta.
Organizers and volunteers prowdly showing their plaque

My night did not end at the Red Rabbit. Once I announced the new Guinness World Records Achievement, I was swept off to the Ritz Carlton where the CRN’s annual fundraising gala was in full swing. Over 450 people were in attendance, donating to the cause. We were served delicious food and danced the night away to a great live band. I felt incredibly welcome and was truly honored to be a part of such an amazing event. Congratulations!
- Guinness World Records

. - Decatur News Online

. - Decatur News Online

. - Decatur News Online

. - Decatur News Online

I make no claims to be an expert judge of music. All I know is they sounded good to me.

Judging from the comments on the net today, I'd say the ground-covering crowd agrees.

I see a bright future for this Decatur-based band, which includes two Decatur residents.

You can follow them on their Facebook page.

My only question, grammatically speaking, is: With only one r, are they the Bitte Roots or the Bitter Oots? If the former, what is a Bitte? If the latter, what exactly are the Oots?

Update: Bill e-mailed to say the name refers to a mountain range in Montana, sometimes spelled with one r, and sometimes. with two. - inDecatur

Bitterroots is a Decatur-based group (including two Decatur residents) which started playing for friends but has been doing paid gigs for a couple of years. They have a number lined up already.

On it's Facebook page, it describes itself thusly:

"The Bitteroots are a new Atlanta band carving out a sound reminiscent of the past masters dressed up with a modern flavor all their own."

Sounds like something one needs to hear to understand. You can hear a sample at

The group will be playing for the Concert on the Square Saturday night, and you can hear them for FREE, thanks to the DBA and several sponsors.

The members:

Mike Davis - drums
Michael Koetter - guitar
Misty Meredith - vocals
Stephen Roberts - percussion/vocals
Dan Shockley - guitar/vocals
Bill Taylor - bass/vocals
- inDecatur

This weekend, poverty will be center stage at Eddie's Attic.

The show, “Poverty Is Real” at Eddie’s Attic, aims to raise awareness about the issue and will benefit the Decatur Cooperative Ministry.

On Friday, June 10 and Saturday, June 11, Decatur’s own, The Bitteroots will open the benefit. Others participating include Matthew Kahler, Maria Gabriella Band, Arlington Priest, Frances Arc, Lindsay Rakers Band, Ryan Flanagan, Mike Killeen and Besides Daniel.

Also performing will be Rebecca Loebe, whose recent stint on "The Voice," made her a national name. Loebe was part of Adam Levine's team and performed an arrangement of Nirvana's "Come As You Are." After that recording was released as a single by Universal Republic Records, the song had made the top 10 of iTunes alternative chart.

Mike Killeen is the singing, harmonica playing guitarist and 31-year-old founder of the nonprofit Poverty Is Real. When it comes to fighting poverty, he's in the ring.

“Poverty is very unsexy,” says Killeen, who launched the nonprofit in the last eight months. “I am so impressed with the breast cancer movement – how they made talking about breast cancer acceptable and sexy, even. Poverty and issues of poverty do not have the same kind of cache. It was time to build awareness in a fun, attractive way.”

The concept is, he says, is to go from town to town taking fundraising concerts on tour, featuring primarily, if not exclusively local artists. Each band that plays in these shows is donating a song to a compact disk that will be sold to benefit the chosen charities. And, he adds, all the proceeds from ticket sales, t-shirt sales, and the CDs benefit those charities.

Upcoming, Killeen says, is a show in the fall in Athens, and then, next spring, one in Nashville.

“I live and work in Decatur, so I know we’ll come back here,” he says.

The charity of choice for this Eddie’s Attic concert is Decatur Cooperative Ministry, an organization that has been fighting poverty for 40 years in the local community.

The Bitteroots’ Bill Taylor says that the band jumped at the opportunity to get involved with the fundraiser and open the two-day extravaganza.

The band is named for the mountain range in Montana. A friend came up with it about three years ago and it just stuck, says Taylor, the band’s bass player and vocalist.

Though band members have day jobs, Taylor says they only play two shows a month, including Sweetwater 420 Fest, Smith’s Olde Bar and now, Eddie’s Attic.

Taylor says the Eddie's Attic performance this weekend will be the biggest show they do all year.

“We’re all really good at what we do – both professionally and as bandmates,” says Taylor. “Our whole attitude is that if we’re going to spend the time to do it, we’ll take it as far as we can.”

As far as this weekend’s show goes, Taylor also says that they’re honored to be playing at Eddie’s Attic with all the other bands.

Ultimately, Killeen says, everyone is helping to fight poverty, one community at a time. - The Decatur/Avondale Estates Patch


The Bitteroots - "Central of Georgia" (2nd studio album released March 31, 2012)

The Bitteroots - "French Fries" (debut studio album released January 29th, 2011)

The Bitteroots - "Live at Eddie's Attic" (live album recorded December 4, 2011)

Poverty Is Real 2012 - "Poverty is Real: Decatur, 2012" CD featuring songs by Matthew Kahler, Eliot Bronson, The District Attorneys, Tedo Stone, Arlington Priest, the Bitteroots, The Flint Hill Specials, Maria Gabriella, Chris Stalcup and the Grange, Ryan Flanagan, The Skipperdees, Spencer Smith, Kristen Englenz, and Mike Killeen and the Dregs Produced for Poverty Is Real charity concert at Eddie's Attic. Available via iTunes.

Poverty Is Real 2011 - Compliation CD with Matthew Kahler, Rebecca Loebe, Trances Arc, The Bitteroots, Lindsay Rakers Band, Kodac Harrison, Caroline Herring, Eliot Bronson, Ryan Flanigan, Spencer Smith, Arlington Priest & Jackson County Line. Produced for inagugural Poverty Is Real charity concert at Eddie's Attic. Available via iTunes.

WXIA - 11ALIVE Interview with Karyn Greer and live broadcast performance - October 14, 2011

Interview and live acoustic performance on 'Politely Disruptive Radio' with Johnny Colt (The Black Crowes, Train) and Michael Ouweleen (Adult Swim, Cartoon Network) -


5/17/2008 Private Show: Private Party Decatur, GA
6/8/2008 The Solarium Decatur, GA
4/26/2009 Lake Claire Ampitheater Atlanta, GA
6/7/2009 The Solarium Decatur, GA
10/30/2009 Private Show: Private Party Decatur, GA
11/14/2009 Private Show: Private Party Atlanta, GA
2/26/2010 The Redlight Cafe Atlanta, GA
5/15/2010 Decatur Concerts on the Square Decatur, GA
5/22/2010 The Black Diamond Grill Cumming, GA
6/16/2010 The Atlanta Room @ Smith's Olde Bar Atlanta, GA
6/26/2010 The Redlight Cafe Atlanta, GA
7/24/2010 Red Rabbit Pizza Pub (Guinness World Record Event) John's Creek, GA
8/5/2010 Politely Disruptive Radio Atlanta, GA
8/6/2010 Red Brick Brewing Co. Atlanta, GA
8/6/2010 Private Show: Private Party Decatur, GA
8/28/2010 The Redlight Cafe Atlanta, GA
9/18/2010 The Atlanta Room @ Smith's Olde Bar Atlanta, GA
10/9/2010 Oakhurst Arts Festival (headlining) Decatur, GA
10/17/2010 Glenlake Park Decatur, GA
11/19/2010 Red Brick Brewing Co. Atlanta, GA
1/29/2011 The Atlanta Room @ Smith's Olde Bar (ALBUM RELEASE PARTY) Atlanta, GA
2/5/2011 The Redlight Cafe Atlanta, GA
2/25/2011 The Solarium Decatur, GA
3/18/2011 The Five Spot (opened for The Sundogs)
Atlanta, GA
4/16/2011 Sweetwater 420Fest main stage (opened for Arrested Development) Atlanta, GA
4/23/2011 Sweetwater Brewery Atlanta, GA
5/13/2011 Red Brick Brewing Co. Atlanta, GA
5/20/2011 Smiths Olde Bar (opened for Lindsay Rakers Band)
Atlanta, GA
6/10/2011 Eddie's Attic
Decatur, GA
7/10/2011 Smith's Olde Bar Atlanta, GA
7/29/2011 Red Brick Brewery Atlanta, GA
9/7/2011 Smith's Olde Bar Atlanta, GA
9/24/2011 Sweetwater Brewery Atlanta, GA
10/8/2011 Oakhurst Arts Festival (headlining) Decatur, GA
10/14/2011 11ALIVE (WXIA) Morning Show Atlanta, GA
10/15/2011 The Five Spot Atlanta, GA
11/12/2011 Vinyl at Center Stage Atlanta, GA
12/6/2011 Eddie's Attic Decatur, GA
02/11/2012 Eddie's Attic (opened for The Freddy Jones Band) Decatur, GA
03/24/2012 New Street Studio (private show) Decatur, GA
03/31/2012 The Five Spot (ALBUM RELEASE PARTY) Atlanta, GA
04/22/2012 The Atlanta Dogwood Festival (main stage) Atlanta, GA
04/28/2012 Moe's Original Bar-B-Que Atlanta, GA
05/12/2012 Private Party Covington, GA
05/26/2012 The Decatur Arts Festival Decatur, GA
06/06/2012 Red Brick Brewery Atlanta, GA
06/29/2012 The Atlanta Room @ Smith's Olde Bar (opened for The Longshot Saints) Atlanta, GA
07/14/2012 Vinyl (with Lindsay Rakers Band) Atlanta, GA
07/26/2012 Eddie's Attic Decatur, GA
08/18/2012 Smith's Olde Bar (opened for Cigar Store Indians) Atlanta, GA
08/25/2012 The Atlanta Room @ Smith's Olde Bar Atlanta, GA
09/15/2012 D



The Bitteroots are a Decatur-based rock band, influenced by blues, jam, folk and classic rock, with a penchant for catchy hooks, driving rhythms and soaring vocals that keep getting better with time.

The four-piece group is returning to the Atlanta music scene this spring with its sophomore release, “Central of Georgia,” after a short break from gigging to write and record the new record. “Central of Georgia” promises to reflect the band’s growth as a group of writers, musicians and performers and include some tracks that have already been gig-tested and audience-approved.

Coming together for the first time in 2008, The Bitteroots have been refining their style, honing their chops and working through lineup changes that have kept the group fresh, interesting and always ready for more.

With the group since 2010, Laura Dees steps out front as the band’s lead vocalist and the audience’s guide through a Bitteroots set. Well versed in the blues, Dees’ voice also shows that rock ‘n’ roll is about taking no prisoners.

Guitarist Dan Shockley, a founding member of the group, brings to The Bitteroots a sophisticated tone and style you won’t find in your average rock band. A professorial master of the fretboard, Shockley’s leads, melodies and chord voicings are a defining part of The Bitteroots’ sound.

With a thumping five-string bass, Bill Taylor weaves his way through Shockley’s chord changes to hold down the bottom end. He pulls together a mixture of jazz and jam that is as tasteful at the chest- pounding bottom of the register as it is rolling off top-end melodies that make up essential elements of The Bitteroots’ catalog of songs.

Behind all three sits Mike Davis’ drum kit, laying down a strong and steady groove that complements Taylor’s bass and provides a foundation for Dees and Shockley to lead The Bitteroots’ songs on their melodic journey.