The BIZ is a blend of electronic, hip-hop, and soul music combined with psychedelic visuals to create a brand new form of live entertainment for the next generation of music fans. >>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>


The Biz is an audio visual union formed by musicians , Tim Santos and Phil Buck, and visual artist, Leigh Bernstein. The band came together quickly as P Buck and Studio-T spent months creating jams in Denver, CO. Innovation has been the key element behind The Biz's forays into electronica. This is electronic music with soul, because the group does not forget their roots in music when bringing their talents to a beat machine or a loop station. The sounds of the old school funk and jam bands Espaso and the GO show (previous bands of Tim and Phil) are not forgotten in the soulful instrumentation of P Buck's bass and Studio T's guitar work. Leigh brings original graphic design to the stage and creates live improvised visual experiences fresh for each performance. The ultimate trifecta is created when the live video & all over visual element is added to mix.

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The Ancient Future - Full Length Debut Album

The Best of the Bizcast Volume One - Compilation Album of the best of our podcast

Both albums can be streamed from