The Bizmarks

The Bizmarks

 Kansas City, Kansas, USA

We are an indie-alt/country band in the sound of Wilco, The Shins or Springsteen. Been around since 2008 and have played all over Kansas City and the midwest. Our fan base is continually growing with each show and through our recently released EP. We have a new ep due out summer 2011.


"The Bizmarks, are a little bit country and a little bit (indie) rock ā€™nā€™ roll. But save the groans about the folk-tinged genre trend being played out. This band holds its own." - INK Magazine

With their self-titled debut EP, the Kansas City group displays playfulness and skill. Take Wilco and add James Mercer of The Shins and you have something that sounds vaguely like The Bizmarks.

In 2010, they won second place in the prestigious Billboard International Song Writing Contest with their song, My Baby.

Currently the band line up is five strong with the occasional cameo. They are playing out regularly and getting ready to go back into the studio spring of 2011.


Dee Sen Shun

Written By: Aaron Mitchum

I'm tired of money, and what it does to me,
I'm tired of wanting all I can receive
I'm tired of taking it in, feeling nothing at all inside
All my fantasies of acting out are all inside my mind

Could this well that's welling up
Overflow into the cup of humanity
With dignity
Could my heart that's beaten cold
Wake up now and in the know
That what we need speaks of what we seed

Ch 1
Help me find hope, help me find grace
And redemption o my god,
We need some help in this place for our daughters and our sons
Ooa a oo a oo Ooa oo a oo Ooa a ooa ooa oh

Their tired of mourning, the losin' of all things
Their tired of feeling like less than human beings
Their tired of crying out and no one hears at all
Yeah they're crying out, no god comes through the wall

Ch 2
Help me find hop, help me find grace
And redemption O my god,
We need some help in this race from the blackness of our own dissension
Ooa a oo a oo Ooa oo a oo Ooa a ooa ooa oh

My Baby

Written By: Aaron Mitchum

The rhythm of the train feels like a dream
Wafting out of tune inside the sea
And I'm gonna be alright

Try this song and wear this hat
Never heard anyone say it like that
I'm gonna be alright
I'm afraid to die and she's afraid to stay alive

I gave you my shoes
And this path takes you away, takes you away
Where will you go, my baby
Where will you sleep, my baby
Well you must you call and say you're alright

The whispers of a child's eyes
Caught in the stone of his masters sigh
And I'm gonna be alright

At the set of another sun
Drinks in hand just like a gun
And I'm gonna be alright
she says we're through like a hunter leaves a trap

The honeysuckle blooms with out the sun
And these days go on like breath through an iron lung
And I will fall to wake and say, I'm okay

Today the sun is shining

Written By: Aaron Mitchum

Today the Sun is Shining am

Verse One
Brightness surrounds me, I am enveloped
Like a note from a lover, half way across the world
Half way across the world

Verse Two
Seven thirty in the morning, light shines in my house
Feels like I could start again, maybe I'll move to the south
Maybe I'll move to the south

I don't know what you're thinking
Are you grateful?
I don't know what you're thinking but I am grateful

Because everyday seems like a race between heaven and hell, heaven and hell
And sometimes I can't run because I've hurt myself, I've hurt myself

But today the sun is shining, today the sun is shining
Oooohhh, Oooohh

Verse Three
Maybe I'll start a vineyard, you know buy some land
Squish grapes underneath me
And feel em' between my toes, feel em between my toes

Verse Four
Will you be there with me, will you make that chase
Will we be all sunburned, because we forgot the shade
Because we forgot the shade


EP 2009

Set List

General we're used to playing sets ranging from 20 minutes to 60 minutes. Songs range from 3 to 6 min.

This is the set list from our last show 1/21/2011 at The Crosstown Station

Today the sun is shining
Sweet Carolina