The Black Apples

The Black Apples


Fuzz rock trio that makes you want to dance and clap your hands.


Campbell and Drew have been playing together since they were born. Raised on the Beatles, by a father who was a studio musician with a top 10 single. The Black Apples were completed with the addition of Travis Hodo a jazz bass player that holds it all together. Every show they get people standing and dancing. Amazing audiences with the amount of music 3 people can make. The Black Apples truly believe less is more. Vintage tube amps, striped down drum kits Bowie'ish melodies, Beatleish harmonies, and a singing drummer make them a band you will not soon forget.


Carolina, local play.
Deathstar, local play.

Set List

Disco 16, Um Beijo, Out Tonight, In The Morning, She Gone and Done It, Deathstar, Strong Arm Charlie, Stand Alone.
The Original songs above make up the typical 45min. Club set. But The Black Apples can play for 2 hours. Covers include original delta blues & The Beatles(they play the whole Let It Be album.