The Black Article (John and Tracy Vandiver)

The Black Article (John and Tracy Vandiver)

 Whitesburg, Kentucky, USA

Some people like to fit into a genre, we believe that music isn't about fitting a mold, it's about writing what you feel, singing about what moves you, and moving everyone who hears the song in the same direction. So don't expect to hear bluegrass or country or gospel, you'll hear what we feel.


The Black Article is primarily composed of husband and wife duo John and Tracy Vandiver. Loosely formed in 2007 the couple married in 2008 and dove headfirst into singing, writing and recording. John's musical talents both singing and playing the guitar and mandolin were a perfect fit to Tracy's writing and singing, they found a niche immediately.

From traditional bluegrass to country to gospel and rock, John and Tracy had diverse musical backgrounds that found a way of seeping into each other's souls. The sound that they produce is unlike any other. It is not one of classification, but of love for this art, this outlet called music. It is a sound of the soul.

In addition to writing and recordind their own music, in 2010 the couple founded their promotion company, VanWell Music Company, LLC, specilizing in copyright submission, website management, promotion and booking.