The Blackberries

The Blackberries


The Blackberries are an indie rock band from Milwaukee intent on Milwaukee famous again. Stylistically somewhere between The Smiths and Prince, the music of the Blackberries is as emotional as it sincerely soulful.

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Bed and Breakfast

Written By: Brandon Payton-Carrillo

Tamara, if you sleep all day you couldn't see the morning sunrise.
The morning light that warms your body, from your breast up to your birthmark. And what else can we do?
Lying here holding bodies, and what else can I do holding love just to give to you?
Oh baby it's time to wake up, I have a kiss for you


The Blackberries full length Album "So Obvious is available for download at

Set List

The Blackberries play sets lasting an hour on average but has enough material for more. The makeup of the sets consist of about 98% original material.