The Blackbirds

The Blackbirds


The Blackbirds is a very good live band playing their own melodious pop/rock songs with lots of vocal harmonies, cool guitars and a rock solid foundation made by the bass and drums


The Blackbirds released their debut album ”Riddles & affairs” 12th June 2006 in Norway. And the Norwegian music press gave the album impressive reviews. Lars Håvard Haugen from the Norwegian Grammy awarded band, Hellbillies, produced the album that was recorded in BigBang’s studio Grand Sport studio in Oslo.

The album consists of 10 songs, where the first single “Easy” rotated on Norways biggest radio station, NRK P1, for 11 weeks and were playlisted on over 30 local radios around the country. The video for the second single “Lovesong” is still rotating on Norways music television programs.

The Blackbirds is now back in studio to record their second album. The release date is not set yet, but will be announced soon. The working-title for this album is “Reversed”

The Blackbirds are:

Thomas : Vocals / Guitar
Thor: Vocals / Guitar
Tommy: Drums / vocals
Tore: Bass

The band was formed in 1996, but first got their lineup as it is today in 2001. With 2 guitars, bass and drums these four guys from Oslo made their elegant sound. They have known eachother in many years and this is clearly reflected in their music. The Blackbirds is a great live band and has toured Norway in many years.



Easy (2005) Play This! BB0104
Lovesong (2006) Voices of Wonder VOW112CD


Riddles & Affairs (2006) Voices of Wonder VOW111CD


Big Indie Comback Vol 2 (2006) Matchboxrecordings (UK)

Set List

The Blackbirds play 1-1,5 hours concerts, 30-40 min on festivals. Contains songs from released album & singles + unreleased material

Have enough own material to play for 3 hours