The Black Cadillacs

The Black Cadillacs

 Knoxville, Tennessee, USA

The Black Cadillacs are a Rock & Roll band from Knoxville, Tennessee, with a high-energy live show and a diverse array of original material. The band has toured the Southeast, East Coast, and Midwest for the last year and a half preparing to release their second album, "Run", on 6/5/12.


The Black Cadillacs are a 5-piece rock & roll band from Knoxville, TN. Describing their most recent album, "Run", Mike Gibson of Metropulse wrote, "Run is a veritable tapestry of lush blues and Southern soul, with Phillips, Hyfantis, and guitarist Matthew Hyrka weaving varicolored webs of texture and melody over the solid foundation of bassist Philip Anderson and drummer Adam Bonomo."

Of "Classic Fool", the track off of "Run", Jason Harrison of Sirens of Decay said, "This is a band that sometimes delves into the lowest of lows, but they have a good fuckinÂ’ time doing it. 'Classic Fool' begins on that same solitary island, HortonÂ’s vocals carrying wistfully while the melody finds its feet. The guitars find their horses at the midway point with a bit of help from some beautiful organ accompaniment and 'Classic Fool' really hits its stride".

Recently featured as on of Paste Magazine's "12 Tennessee Bands to Listen to Now", The Black Cadillacs are building a reputation as one of the best bands in the region.

The Black Cadillacs are: Will Horton (Lead Vocals), Philip Anderson (Bass, Harmonies), Matthew Hyrka (Lead Guitar), John Phillips (Rhythm Guitar), and Adam Bonomo (Drums). The band is touring in support of their second album, "Run", released on June 5th, 2012.


Classic Fool

Written By: Will Horton

Saying these things to no one that matters
Making these plans but still feeling scattered
Don't know what I'll do
I can't wait for you

Moving ahead but I still look back
Keeping you on my mind gets me off track
Hearing your words
I can't believe they're true

You don't know what you're doing
All that you will ruin

You don't know what you're doing
All that you will ruin

Ooooo, oooo, ooooh

At the end of the day I still think of you
Please don't forget there was some good too
I've learned nothing at all
I'm a classic fool


"All Them Witches": 4/6/10
"Run": 6/5/2012