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The Black Doves

Dallas, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2007 | SELF

Dallas, Texas, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2007
Band Rock Pop




"San Antonio's The Black Doves Hit #1"

SAN ANTONIO - While the San Antonio music scene tends to lean toward the metallic, an emerging indie band has sprouted from the few downtown venues. The Black Doves don’t fit neatly into categories. This relatively obscure, unsigned, non-touring band from the Alamo city has surpassed indie darlings like Mumford and Sons and the Black Keys to take the #1 spot on one of the nation’s largest internet radio stations.

So how does a band with no cash, no label and no traditional radio airplay surpass these giants of the industry?

“By creating an internet presence, and networking… hard” says lead singer Steve Wilson. “The music landscape has changed immensely in the last twenty years, but like any sales job, the key to getting your product out there relies on building relationships.”

Industry experts say it appear that this band is getting it.

David Cutler, associate professor of composition and musicianship at Duquesne University and coordinator of the school’s music entrepreneurship program says, “Today’s musicians have to diversify and to be more entrepreneurial than ever. With the Internet, entrepreneurial musicians are in control of their destinies.”

There is little question that the internet has given the independent musician a fighting chance. Through the effective use of social networking, an unsigned band can still have a national presence without major label backing.

“That’s not to say we don’t want a label to come along and put some money behind us,” Wilson says with a chuckle.

With all five members still holding day jobs, hope endures for the day when they can follow their passion fulltime.

“We’re not trying to be on MTV cribs or anything, but the ability to support our families would be nice,” says Wilson.

Like many other bands, The Black Doves are financially self-supported. After years of recycling their minimal earnings back into merchandise, traveling costs and studio time, the band took a page out of the corporate manual and adopted the concept of ‘rebranding’. Rather than use their cash to make a new album, they used it to recruit the services of an industry consultant.

“No matter how hard you work, there comes a time when you realize you can’t do it all alone. And so far this is the best decision [as a band} that we’ve ever made.” Explains Wilson.

“The first time I saw their website, I thought they were a metal band,” says Jennifer Lyneis, President of Ue3 Promotions in Los Angeles. “Then I heard this amazing pop-rock music and it didn’t add up.”

Working with Ue3, the band set on a mission to create an identity with symmetry. With new promotion photos, a new logo, and new web presence the band quickly got the attention of Sennheiser USA, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of microphones, headphones and wireless transmission systems and landed the band their first industry endorsement.

In the first week of January, their ballad “I Wonder If She Knows” debuted at # 11 on the Adult (Hot AC) charts on One week later it hit #1. With only a brief slip in chart position, the song is once again at the top of the charts.

“The next step is touring,” says Wilson. “We’d like to take this momentum and get out and play live again.” Meanwhile the band continues to work on new studio music with an EP projected for release this spring. It’s a great feeling to see one of our songs at #1, but we’re not going to sit back and gloat about it. Hopefully we can take the lessons we’ve learned over the last few years and make 2011 our year.”

If the last few weeks are any indication of their potential success, The Black Doves are definitely a band to watch in 2011. - WOAI TV San Antonio, TX

"LOOK AND LISTEN: The Black Doves to take flight at Verizon"

THEY ARE: The Black Doves

MEMBERS: Steve Wilson, lead vocals and rhythm guitar; Brent Matthews, drums; Danny Trevino, lead guitar; Frank Rodriguez, bass

THE SOUND: Melodic rock that Wilson calls “Daughtry-esque.” There’s a bit of Matchbox 20 and Creed in there, too, especially when it comes to Wilson’s dramatic, expressive vocals.

Wilson spent the last decade as a singer/songwriter, so much of the Black Doves’ repertoire consists of his acoustic songs adapted into rock songs with heavier guitar.

Those songs are largely autobiographical and usually about love (or the lack of it). “My drummer said to me, ‘Do you ever write about anything but relationships?’.” Wilson said.

THE BACKGROUND: Wilson frequented open-mic nights in San Antonio before moving to Louisiana and playing in a cover band. When he returned to San Antonio in April 2007, he decided to put his own band together.

He chose experienced musicians from different artistic backgrounds and decided to bring them into the studio to finish the album he had begun recording with hired musicians in Spokane, Wash. The LP, Moments of Clarity, is due out this summer.

At first the band played as Steve Wilson and the Black Doves, but they soon dropped Wilson’s name.

“It’s fine to be the leader of the band but it’s not all about my ego,” he said. “I’d rather have the band have its own identity.”

Despite being only a year old, the band was chosen to perform on the Kevin Says Stage at the Vans Warped Tour stop in San Antonio.

“I was very, very happily surprised when I got the e-mail about it,” Wilson said. “We play mostly at bars. (At Warped Tour) we finally get to play to a younger crowd and give them a chance to hear us.”


CHECK THEM OUT: At Warped Tour at Verizon Wireless on July 5; at Scout Bar on July 20 with host Randy Bonillas from KISS-FM.

Jessica Belasco | 210SA Contributor
- 210 SA Magazine

"Meet Steve Wilson…"

In 1997, a new folk rock sensation arrived in North Texas. In just three short years, his fan base quadrupled, spreading like wildfire from Dallas to Austin, and eventually across the Atlantic to the UK and Asia. His name is Steve Wilson, and Venues was privileged to sample his latest EP release, The 16 Days. Not only that, but we were thrilled to chat firsthand with this amazingly genuine musician. The best word to describe Steve and his music, perhaps the only one necessary, is “inspirational.”

Steve Wilson
Steve Wilson. His name even sounds like a folk singer. Originally from Cheyenne, Wyoming, Wilson began his musical career in high school. He eventually found his way down to North Texas in 1997, where he pursued higher learning at the University of North Texas. While at UNT, Steve quickly made a name for himself with his folk tunes, performing at various hot spots in Denton such as Rick’s Place. This did not make him an overnight success, but his first record, consisting of only two songs, sold out in less than a week. This fanned the flames of his popularity, leading to a larger-than-anticipated fan base, and now, the release of his six-track EP The 16 Days.
Listening to his latest collection of songs makes it easy to understand why Steve Wilson gained such a large following so quickly. The record pulsates with musical and lyrical inspiration, the acoustic guitar matched only by the raw emotion in his vocals. For instance, the song 'I Wonder If She Knows' starts off with 30 seconds of pure acoustic, and then goes into a powerful story of two people driven by success, wondering how long it will take her to realize she's leaving him behind. It illustrates the classic story of knowing you may have to set someone free, and the angst that goes along with it. Along those same lines, the song 'These Moments' is another that speaks directly into the heart. Though the song tells of a broken-hearted romance, it does have a silver lining. Steve explained that it's about how he finally learned to let go, remembering the relationship for the wonderful thing that it was, rather than the tragic parts: “The feelings fade, but the moments linger on.” It's those kinds of sentiments so freely expressed that make this record great. Setting aside musicality and songwriting, sincerity is what makes Steve Wilson so irresistible.

16 Days EP

As far as musical influences, Steve named Edward McCain and Rob Thomas from Matchbox 20 as his favorites. The comparison is easy to notice, because like McCain and Thomas, Steve's lyrics come from the heart and not the head. Among other influences, Steve listed Harry Chapin and Jim Croce as others who have profoundly shaped his career. When we asked what keeps him performing for almost eight years, Steve simply remarked that it’s how amazingly receptive people have been to his music. Seeing how people react to his shows, how they connect with what's being expressed in his songs, always gives him constant inspiration. No doubt, his music will be around for a good while, since it all comes from the heart and likewise touches his fans on the same level.

If you like The 16 Days EP, be on the lookout for his soon-to-be released 10 track CD, coming out sometime in the not-too-distant future. If you’re wondering where you can see more of this folk phenomenon, catch his show at the Mug Shots coffee shop in Irving, April 29th. And if you absolutely must have a copy of The 16 Days, pick one up at the CD Release party at Hastings Records Hard Back Cafe in Denton. Steve will be giving an in-store performance there May 3rd, along with Special Guest Marshal from FAKTION.
For more information on Steve Wilson, such as CD releases or scheduled appearances, visit his website online at
- Venues Magazine

"Spyda's review"

Steve Wilson came to my attention in April this year with an exceptional vocal performance on his track Perfect - now available at MP3Unsigned as a remastered version featuring 47 Section.
Read his biography you'll see that Steve's got quite a few musical years behind him & on listening to his voice & songs I'm sure you'll agree that he's got a long musical future in front of him too.
Steve Wilsons style is acoustic rock & I believe he rights all his own music & lyrics & plays his own instruments too. Most of his tracks online at MP3Unsigned are live recordings - the fella regularly plays live venues in Texas & Louisiana, USA - a couple of years ago he even entertained the US Troops along with 47 Section.
Steve's latest offerings on his band page are I Wonder If She Knows & Eyes Wide both tracks taken from his forthcoming EP on Statue Records.
Whilst these 2 new tracks aren?t quite as commercial as Perfect, they're both lyrically meaningful & delivered well with forceful, strong, energetic vocals.
I personally think if Steve got together with some guys, or formed his own band & got regular studio time there?d be no stopping him. Another artist on MP3Unsigned who seems to be overlooked by most -Steve Wilson definitely deserves a hearing in my opinion.
I'd like to take this opportunity to wish Steve "Good Luck" with his forthcoming 10 track EP - who knows before long he may be gigging over here in the UK & we'll get to appreciate his live performances in the flesh rather than just hearing 'em on MP3Unsigned.
-Clive aka Spyda -

"CD Review: Moments of Clarity by The Black Doves"

I received the new album from The Black Doves entitled “Moments of Clarity” recently and was rather pleased. I had seen the CD in the local library but had yet to pick it up. So when the CD was delivered to me, I immediately put it on. I had known their song “I Wonder If She Knows” from hearing it on the one of the Muzak stations that a business near me uses for their background music. But I never actually knew who did the song. When I saw that the CD by The Black Doves actually contained that song, and then the song started playing in my CD player, I knew that is had to be fate that the CD came to me.

The Black Doves is a band that can be described as part rock band and part pop band. The band’s sound is very listener friendly and several of the songs on the band’s CD could make their way onto commercial radio.

Steve Wilson, a man who has spent a large part of his life as a musician, fronts the band. Steve made a name for himself in certain circles for the acoustic rock music that he used to write. With The Black Doves, his acoustic sound has been transformed into something a little harder, as the rest of the band help to turn his songs into full-fledged rock songs. Along with Steve Wilson on Vocals and both Acoustic and Electric Guitar, the rest of The Black Doves consists of Brent Matthews on Drums, Danny Trevino on Lead Guitar, and Frank Rodriguez on Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals.

Since Steve Wilson had started as a songwriter writing songs that were in the folk genre, it makes some sense that some of the songs on Moments of Clarity have a folk-rock feel. The song “I Wonder If She Knows” is one of the moments on the album that still contains that folk feeling to it. “Like I Do” is another song that captures that folk feeling.

Although some of the other songs on Moments of Clarity can also be described as “folk-y,” the album really cannot be described as a folk release. Wilson and the rest of The Black Doves deliver the songs with enough energy that the album never slips into a laid-back feel that most folk rock often seems to have. In fact, there are a few tracks on this album that cannot be described as “folk” at all. “Give It Some Thought” is one such song. The track is one of the songs on the album that help to bring up the energy level.

Other songs that can also be described as straight-out rock include “Learn To Live,” and “Ask Me To,” a song that could be described as a “power ballad”. Steve Wilson and the rest of The Black Doves have shown with this release that they possess the talent to create a very solid album such as this. Each song on the 2008 release “Moment of Clarity” by The Black Doves makes the album an enjoyable listening experience.

Unaware of just how good it was, I had ignored this album for almost two months. But getting it in the mail gave me a reason to discover what I had passed by. I suggest everyone take the time to discover this album by one of the best new rock bands that is currently making their way from unknown band to superstars. To discover “Moments of Clarity,” the new CD from Steve Wilson and his band The Black Doves for yourself, go to their MySpace account at
~ Matheson Kamen -

"Local Band to Join Van's Warped Tour"

Local rockers The Black Doves were selected to perform during the San Antonio leg of  The Vans Warped Tour. The Black Doves rose above thousands of other entries to be selected to perform at this years Van ’ s Warped Tour scheduled for July 5th at The Verizon Wireless Amphitheater. The Black Doves are a rock band from right here in San Antonio. Fronted by lead singer Steve Wilson, the band consists of drummer Brent Matthews, guitarist Danny Trevino and bassist Frank Rodriguez.  Their debut CD titled “ Moments of Clarity ” is scheduled for release in July, 2008. Wilson says he submitted his band for the opening on the tour through the musician-based website Sonicbids a few months ago with few expectations. “ It wasn ’ t that I had little confidence in our music. I truly believe in it, ” Wilson said. “ But
doing this for 10 years, you learn not to get your hopes up. ” The patience and hope paid off. The band is scheduled to play on the Kia-sponsored
Says Stage ” - known as a launching pad for many of today ’ s biggest names in rock music
include My Chemical Romance and Fall Out Boy. Other bands performing on the Kevin Says Stage include Philadelphia-based Valencia,
fellow Texans The Last Great Assault. You can learn more about the The Black Doves and listed to some of their music at - WOAI TV San Antonio

"SOHO Event a Great Success"

A lot to talk about since my last entry. The SOHO Event to Benefit the Autism Society of Greater San Antonio took place on April 26 and it was a tremendous success. If you were unable to make this year's Benefit, please try to attend next year. All the support from sponsors, parents, employees at SOHO's and the bands that performed plus all the great donated items for the Auction has moved the owners of SOHO's to make the Benefit an annual event.

This past Saturday, at our monthly Support Group meeting Nick Johnson, Owner of SOHO's & Rhonda Turner-Wolff, Events Coordinator for SOHO, attended the meeting and brought along a check from that night. Altogether, we raised just over $6,000.

We would like to thank Nick Johnson, Jimmy Steele, Rhonda Turner-Wolff and the staff at SOHO's for all their HARD WORK! Rob Dunn with Mama's Restaurant in Universal City for donating all the sides, Toby Hamilton with EZ'S and Tim and all the guys at Burger Time for donating the burgers and buns! Shana at Grapevine Graphics, you and your staff are our heroes! The shirts that were made for the benefit are amazing! We would also like to thank all of the volunteers that made the day a reality.

Special thanks also to all the performers and bands that donated their time and talent to make sure we had a FANTASTIC time! Dog Men Poets; Papa Wood; Drive; Ember; Lavish Luck; Tungsten Coil & The Black Doves put on a great indoor show while David, Brent, Myles, Chris and Absolute Least kept the outdoor crowd jamming with their acoustic sets



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A band that cut their teeth in San Antonio, and Austin, Texas in the mid-2000s TBD is a modern, lyrical, rock band. In 2008, they released their freshman album entitled Moments of Clarity. The core of the band then relocated to Dallas, Texas in 2011. 
 Building on the strength of their two #1 iheartradio hits "Ask Me To" and "I Wonder If She Knows, they set sight on superstardom. Two chart-toppers placed them firmly on the map among such giants as Mumford and Sons. Performing on the Vans Warped Tour alongside Katy Perry, Angels & Airwaves, Paramore, the band seemed unstoppable. As time progressed, the band struggled to find their footing. 
 In 2012 TBD performed several regional shows featuring guest musicians, capped off with their last public performance in San Antonio in September of that year. 
 In 2018, lead vocalist/guitarist Steve D. Wilson, and drummer Brent Arnold entered Fifty 50 Studios in Dallas to begin recording the follow up album entitled "Embracing Reality" recruiting the help of Matt Novesky (Blue October), Marshal Dutton (Hinder), and Neil Swanson (Orianthi/Diamante). In November, they released the first single "Somewhat Different" on their label DEG, soon to be followed by the single "Go, Go Indigo" in the summer of 2019.

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