The BlackHeath Hounds

The BlackHeath Hounds


The BlackHeath Hounds are a healthy dose of rock sweetened with a cup of the blues.


After a self-imposed exile in L.A., Guitarist/Songwriter Luke Moretti returned to “The Great Canoe” with a bag full of tunes and a heart full of stories. Holed up in his small recording studio near Lake Ontario he began working out the arrangements and laying down the instrumental tracks of what would later become the songs on The BlackHeath Hounds debut album.

As the songs started to take shape Luke teamed up with Dave McCullagh after seeing him perform a drunken cover of Road House Blues with Wild T and The Spirit at a local bar. After a few more pints it was clear Luke and Dave had similar ideas and influences and shared a strong desire to bring authenticity back to music. Luke and Dave got to work and suddenly that little studio near Lake Ontario became a mythological path to some powerful music and as 'The Groundhogs' put it- "Riff heaven!"

As the songs took shape, Luke had a very specific idea about the types of musicians he wanted to round out the band. Not only did they have to be masters of their instruments they also had to embody the desire to bring authenticity back to rock music. After many disappointing auditions– the planets suddenly aligned. There was never any question that Jody Brumell was THE drummer for The Hounds – and after a few studio sessions Jody was onboard. Shortly after Jody signed on Luke reconnected with childhood friend Rich Roxborough – a highly-respected and much sought after keyboard player – and after a few meetings Rich decided this was a project he wanted to be part of. When faced with the task of finding the right bass player – Rich immediately recommended Jason Farrar – an accomplished bass player and singer with an impressive musical resume. After a couple of meetings with Jason he was in and it was on – The BlackHeath Hounds were born.


The BlackHeath Hounds