The Black Hills

The Black Hills

 Melbourne, Victoria, AUS
BandRockClassic Rock

V8 powered, ozone-depleting, anatomically indistinct, crushingly chaotic, indifferently different, disastrously well-crafted, unbelievably believable, uneasily listenable yet surprisingly melodic, social commentary,ROCKNROLL!


The Black Hills are observers of humans in a world going faster and crazier by the minute - our music speaks the chaos of drunk drivers out of control, of thugs ganging up on innocent by-standers, of politicians sending other people's sons to war, of lovers clinging to each other in the darkness, and the sparks of life in the flower growing in the cracks in the sidewalk.
They are influenced by the evil of Idol, the beauty of dawn in the desert, the crushing vanities of reality TV, the cruelty of racists, the joy of finding love in the strangest of places, the calm under the mirrorball in the maelstrom of the disco and the struggles of the dispossessed. We are influenced more by the crashing of waves on a black reef, than the latest top 40 flash in the pan. We have grown up with The Sex Pistols, The Dead Kennedys, The Police, The Clash, Korn, Tool, Jane's, Soundgarden, Group X, and Australia's own Midnight Oil, Have A Nice Day, Tijuana Souvenirs, My Lil Tornado and The Models. Real bands influence The Black Hills, and The Black Hills are unique because they have something to say - they weigh their words and deliver them with piercing accuracy. Our story has more than drugs and sex and bragging about how cool we are - sonic soundscapes are a goal for a band who aims to get their point across in less than 4 minutes every time...there are no drawn-out dribbling guitar solos...people walk away from that stuff- people talk to each other when you lose their concentration,,,we keep it short and sweet and tell people like it is. And we make people dance - familys can enjoy our music together. The lyrics are for people who listen and care but the tunes and melodies are for those who want a good time and to dance the night away with their friends and lovers. Anyone can get the girls up dancing but we can get even the most harden bogan tapping his feet!!!!!


The Black Hills - debut album, "Everything I Did Was Wrong" - Independent Release 2009

Set List

Death Disco 2000
My Girlfriend Drives An Excavator
Fuzzy Dice
Probed by Aliens
I Like You In Your Cowgirl Boots
Your Diet Works
Peace Through Superior Firepower
Everything I Did Was Wrong
Dream 17
Lie Detector
The Landmine Survivor
Short Hair Means Cop
Fruit Picker
Road Rager
President Lies
Another Single Day
Election Erection
Love v Drugs
The Government Has Plans For Me
Jack Me Up and Let Down My Tires
Krissi With A K
Cronulla Riots Are Us
We choose from this list and normally do 45 minutes to 60 minutes