The Black Horse Candidate

The Black Horse Candidate


A catchy tune with lyrics that really hit at the listener's heart. These guys really bring out the best in their listeners at every show and every track. No matter what they never cease to amaze and they leave all they have out on the stage.


Formed in 2007, The Black Horse Candidate is the culmination of projects whose paths had weaved two years prior. Glen Cupples (guitar,keys, tambourine) and Per (Kris) Ohrstrom (guitar, vocals, harmonica) first performed under the very original band name, "Kris and Glen." Brandon Davidson (drums), formerly of Dots and Boxes, flirted with the idea of taking up the throne to play drums with both "Kris and Glen" and "Next Time Around (NTA)." NTA: Houston-based band which dawned Matt McGahen as bassist. Kris would later join "Next Time Around" and play rhythm guitar and lead/backup vocals until ultimately he and Matt split ways with NTA (whose members went on to start "And the Pursuit. . .") to form The Black Horse Candidate. The Black Horse Candidate (TBHC) played their first show in 2007, and have since continued to play shows taking repeated breaks for the college semesters, however still maintain the drive to play for audiences far and wide.


Warmth From the East EP
1 - For Your Life, Run
2 - Hitting Where It Hurts
3 - Hurts Like Fire
4 - For Now